A Canine Companion’s Message: Empathy Goes Beyond Looks.

Upon her rescue, Terra had very sparse fur and was noticeably timid. The reason behind her hair loss was due to a skin issue that most likely stemmed from being neglected by her previous owners. The poor pup had quite the journey ahead of her to regain her physical well-being, and was not yet acquainted with the concept of receiving affection from humans.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted veterinarian from West Sussex, UK stepped forward to aid Terra in her healing journey. Despite the canine’s skin issues, there was something captivating about her gaze that drew people in. Terra had lost most of her fur due to an ongoing battle with mange, a painful and persistent skin condition caused by mites. Animals afflicted with this malady often have hairless, sore-ridden skin. Jessie DeFreitas, a veterinary assistant, couldn’t resist Terra’s “beautiful eyes” and knew that her skin problems resulted from being mistreated by an unscrupulous and uncaring family.

Jessie had a house full of feline friends and a rescue pup, but she had no hesitation in welcoming Terra into her home. The little pup was lucky to be alive, having been surrendered to the vets. Jessie knew that with her love and care, Terra would thrive. She was determined to give the pup all the attention she needed to ensure a safe and happy life. As Terra flourished, Jessie couldn’t help but notice the pup’s stunning beauty.

Once upon a time, he affectionately referred to her as Honey, but soon realized the name didn’t quite fit her personality. Terra was initially a grumpy pooch who showed no interest in playtime, so calling her something sweet like honey just didn’t make sense. As a result, her name was changed to Terra.
However, as Terra’s scabies were treated, she became more affectionate and caring. Eventually, her coat grew back to a beautiful brown and white color and she became much friendlier and sweeter than before.

Jessie was already taking care of a bunch of animals, but she’s happy that she made room in her heart for Terra. Being a veterinary assistant and an animal lover, Jessie couldn’t turn down a puppy that needed her help. Even though she planned on fostering Terra temporarily, she ended up falling in love with him and adopting him for good. Thanks to Jessie’s caring nature, Terra now lives a happy and healthy life, despite his tough start as a pup. With Jessie’s love and determination, Terra went through an incredible transformation.

Thankfully, Terra’s tale concluded on a positive note, however, it’s not always the case for every pup that experiences neglect. It’s important to advocate and stand up for their well-being. Let me share her journey.

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