A Feline Adventure: The Amazing Journey of Street Kittens in Search of a Permanent Home

Two adorable tabby kittens were discovered abandoned on the streets of Kuwait before travelling to another continent to search for their forever home.

The poor kittens were in terrible condition when they were rescued by the kind-hearted folks at Kuwait Animal Aid. They were malnourished and sickly, with one of the little ones suffering from a facial deformity. Thankfully, the rescuers managed to find another littermate and brought all three kittens to a foster home where they could receive the care and attention they so desperately needed.

With their unwavering dedication, Shiva and Vishnu, the two sisters with one of them being one-eyed, were able to gain weight and become healthier. However, Amani, the third kitten, contracted a viral infection, and had to be isolated and treated separately. Despite these challenges faced by these “unwanted” kittens, the rescue volunteers tirelessly worked to save them.

Despite having a missing right eye and a cleft nose, Shiva did not allow her physical differences to hold her back. She was full of energy and loved to play and wrestle with her sister. Kuwait Animal Aid collaborated with partner rescues in the United States to assist these adorable felines in finding their forever homes. Once the two sisters were deemed ready for travel, they embarked on an international journey all the way to California.

Anaheim-based animal rescue organization, Rafiki’s Rescue, stepped in to provide Shiva with the necessary medical care and diagnosis for her congenital condition. According to Megan of Rafiki’s Rescue, when they first arrived, the felines were incredibly affectionate and full of love, joy, and energy.

Shiva, the kitten we rescued, was always full of energy – running around and playing fetch like a dog all day long, and making biscuits all night. However, we soon realized that her condition was more severe than we initially thought as she would get winded easily and start panting to catch her breath. Despite this, Shiva remained one of the most playful kittens at the shelter and never let her condition slow her down.

After performing a CT scan and consulting with two experts, it was determined that there were no viable surgical solutions for Shiva’s intricate nasal passage. However, the positive takeaway is that Shiva can still lead a joyful and fulfilling life with some adjustments. To ensure her well-being, she’ll need designated playtime and an environment with a consistent temperature.

The tabby with a single eye is unfazed by any challenges and embraces each day with enthusiasm. Her sibling, Vishnu, is often found nearby, either causing mischief or cuddling up a storm. “Shiva is completely unaware that life could possibly be any better than it already is. She radiates happiness every single day.”

These two sisters were rescued from the streets and taken to a different continent. As time went by, they grew into gorgeous felines and were now on the lookout for their forever home.

This lovely pair bonded over their fun-loving personalities and were selected for a foster-to-adopt program. It was heartwarming to see them quickly develop a deep affection for their new parents and furry companions, reinforcing the love that brought them together in the first place.

After receiving extensive care for several months, the third sibling named Amani was able to bounce back. Furthermore, Amani even embarked on a journey overseas to Rafiki’s Rescue. The team responsible for the rescue mission believed it was essential not to leave Amani behind with her siblings. Eventually, Amani completed her treatment and traveled to her rescuers last month. Currently, she is also searching for a new home.

Shiva and Vishnu are experiencing pure bliss with their affectionate family, as they create a cozy ambiance in their newly acquired residence with never-ending cuddles and soft purrs.

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