A Feline in Crisis Finds a Safe Haven and Happiness with Her Darling Kittens in a Caring Household

A feline in search of a safe space for her litter of kittens finds refuge and joy in the comfort of a welcoming household that provides her with the necessary assistance.

A pregnant calico feline was taken to a vet clinic in Brisbane, Australia. The staff at the clinic contacted Best Friends Felines, an animal rescue organization they work with, to find foster care for the cat. One of the foster volunteers of Best Friends Felines described the cat as stunning and unusual, with blue eyes, which is a rare trait for a calico. The foster volunteer added that in their 15 years of fostering, they have never seen a calico with blue eyes. The cat, named Amity, was able to relax and rest in a comfortable home environment with plenty of food. The foster volunteer spent quality time with her every day and gave her tummy massages, which she enjoyed.

On a Monday afternoon, Amity began experiencing labor pains and requested her carer to be present during the delivery of her newborn kittens. The foster mom acknowledged that Amity made her work hard as a midwife for the feline litter. Initially, Amity gave birth to five kittens, and they assumed it was the end. However, an hour later, to their surprise, the sixth kitten arrived, and Amity did not show interest in cleaning the newborn, so the caretaker had to do it herself.

The foster mother thought everything was under control, but she was in for another shock when she returned. To her amazement, there were seven newborns instead of six. After cleaning them up, she watched in awe as the mother cat nursed her little ones. Amity dedicated her time and energy to take care of her babies for the next few days. However, her appetite decreased, leading to concerns about her stomach problems that required immediate attention.

Georgia, who is both a veterinarian and neonate carer, volunteered to lend a hand. Together with her sister, they took turns bottle-feeding the kittens day and night while their mother, Amity, received much-needed medical attention. Thanks to several visits to the vet over a three-day period, Amity was reunited with her seven precious kittens. It was the intensive care that did the trick.

Amity’s tummy has finally found peace with the new food she’s been munching, and it’s definitely showing in her kittens’ growth. They’re getting chubbier by the day! At four weeks old, the little balls of fur have started moving around a lot more. However, they still stick close to their mom, who’s always on the lookout for any signs of danger.

Amity was seen chasing after her seven little ones, tweeting constantly, attempting to guide them back to their abode. It wasn’t easy for her since each of them had gone in a different direction. While they were still acclimatizing to walking, they were also picking up the art of climbing, and thus, would frequently scurry up my legs and onto my lap if I was sitting on the ground.

The little felines are finally ready to try out solid food and are quite curious about it. They observe their mother, Amity, closely and attempt to copy her actions. As a result, Amity has started to reduce her feeding frequency and spends more time above ground away from her kittens.

Saving a family of eight requires the help of many. Amity, one of the cats, is showing positive signs of improved health and confidence. Her physical appearance is noticeably better, and her energy levels are high. The most heartwarming change is her increased contentment, as evidenced by her meowing when her food plate is empty. It’s truly a joy to witness.

As the seven-member crew frantically goes about their tasks and playfully tussles with each other, Amity relishes a peaceful moment of solitude. Her days as a mother figure are numbered, and she eagerly looks forward to retirement in a few weeks. When that time comes, she dreams of finding a new home where she can bask in the love and attention she deserves.

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