“A Feline’s Lucky Escape: Rescuing a Kitten from a Rat Trap in West Kelowna”

Lola, an untamed feline, found herself in a precarious situation after getting stuck to a rat trap in West Kelowna. Despite being just a kitten, Lola was in dire need of immediate assistance when she was discovered adhered to a sizable rat trap that was covered in glue. She was swiftly transported to the Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital last weekend after the discovery was made. According to Dr. Moshe Oz, the vet who tended to her, Lola’s entire body and all four of her limbs were firmly attached to the trap, making her completely immobilized except for her head. She was trapped for up to 48 hours, causing her to become malnourished and dehydrated. Dr. Oz assumes that if they hadn’t found her when they did, Lola would have passed away shortly due to her vulnerable condition.

Once upon a time, there was a small kitten named Lola who found herself in a sticky situation – quite literally. You see, she had been caught in a glue trap and her little paws and body were completely stuck. Thankfully, some kind-hearted humans brought Lola to a hospital where the staff quickly got to work on freeing her from the trap. They dubbed her Lola and set to work, but it wasn’t easy. The process took several hours and required a lot of patience and care. To make things less stressful for Lola, the staff administered medication to sedate her and put a mask over her face to block her vision. Slowly but surely, using oil to remove her from the glue trap, they worked to free Lola from her sticky prison without harming her delicate skin. It was a long and delicate process, but in the end, Lola was saved and freed from the trap, unscathed.

Kelsey Bakalos, a veterinary assistant, carefully freed Lola, a cat caught in a trap. For the safety of the staff and to reduce stress for Lola, she had a feline muzzle over her head. After the successful rescue, Lola received all the necessary care from the vet staff to help her recover. Lola was given a bath, antibiotics, fluids, and lots of love and food to aid her in her healing process. At first, she was frightened but with tender care, Lola has made impressive progress. Oz reported that she is now behaving like any other typical cat.

According to Rhona Hunt, who works as a receptionist at Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital, Lola the kitten has been treated well and is doing fine. The hospital strongly advises against the use of sticky rat traps, but if you still choose to use them, it is necessary to keep an eye on them every few hours to ensure that no other animals become trapped. These traps are inhumane and can attract small wild animals, kittens, and the babies of wild animals. In case you find any animals caught in these traps, it is recommended to take them to a vet for help. The hospital is now searching for a new home for Lola, who is available for adoption. She is an adorable, cheerful kitten who is always hungry and loves to play and will make a wonderful addition to any family.

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