A Heartbreaking Tale of a Dog with a Massive Tumor on Her Face Left to Suffer in Solitude

Introducing Honey, a furry friend who was recently rescued by Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary. She was unfortunately left in a dire state, with a massive tumor on her face causing her immense pain and discomfort. Honey had been suffering for quite some time, as the swelling had become infected.

Currently, we are accompanying her at Animal Wellness where they will conduct X-rays to determine the possibility of treating the mass. During her initial blood tests, there were no issues with her organs, but she was diagnosed with anemia and heartworm. To combat this, she will be prescribed anti-inflammatory medication for two weeks and receive treatment to improve her red blood cell count. Afterward, she will undergo surgery and chemotherapy. There is a strong probability that she will recover and live a joyful and normal life.

In order to ensure Honey’s survival, surgery needs to be performed to remove the mass, and if it is determined to be cancerous, chemotherapy will follow. Due to the location of the tumour, the procedure must be carried out at Animal Wellness, where gas anaesthetic is available and will give Honey the best possible chance of recovery.

Even after spending 15 days in the center, her red blood cell count is still low. To address this concern, she requires a transfusion. Fortunately, the surgery will be conducted soon after the procedure. As of Day 17, Honey’s operation has already started. Prior to being sedated, she had a photo op with Rina and Rudylyn. The surgery is taking place at Animal Wellness due to its safer gas anesthesia for more severe cases. Given that the tumor is located near her brain, the procedure is expected to take a considerable amount of time and complexity.

On the 19th day, the surgery Honey underwent turned out to be quite successful, considering that the tumor had wrapped itself around a number of her facial and optical nerves. However, the nerves that were responsible for controlling her left eyelid had to be cut, which resulted in a slight droop.

The size of the tumor was massive, consequently leading to a considerable surgical wound. However, it is encouraging to note that she is consuming chicken, which bodes well for her recovery. Even if the tumor is removed, her quality of life will not be affected. Although she is currently capable of eating on her own, her face is still swollen from the surgery and inflammation. The doctors remain optimistic that once this subsides, she will be able to consume more food.

Currently, Honey is in the early stages of recovery following a major surgery, and every day she progresses without incident is a cause for celebration. We are overjoyed to share that she has successfully made it through the procedure and is currently conscious and breathing on her own. Although Honey’s condition is still considered serious, we remain hopeful for a full recovery.

Regrettably, we recently received news that Honey’s tumor is malignant. Given the circumstances, the most effective course of treatment is chemotherapy with Doxorubicin. It is imperative that we act swiftly to prevent any further spread of the cancer within her system. On a more positive note, it is worth mentioning that the tumor located in Honey’s vaginal area has significantly shrunk by 60% since she began chemotherapy, having only undergone two sessions thus far.

It has been over three months since Honey’s diagnosis, and while there have been ups and downs, her overall health has improved substantially. Despite undergoing chemotherapy, Honey is gaining weight and seems to be in good spirits. Although her prognosis remains uncertain due to the impact of chemotherapy on the organs, we are optimistic that Honey will make a full recovery.

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