A Heartwarming Tale of a Canine Fighting Cancer, Holding on to Meet Her Owner.

Canines are one of the most loyal animals in existence. They display an incredible level of affection towards their human companions. A tale of an 11-year-old pooch that had been diagnosed with cancer is a testament to their unwavering devotion.

Kermie, a beloved pet dog, unfortunately received the diagnosis of cancer just one month after her owner Eric Ralston left for eight months of deployment. His wife, Jennifer, shared on YouTube that they didn’t expect Kermie to live long enough to see Eric return home.

The family was hit with devastating news just a dozen days before Eric’s planned return home. Jennifer shared on her YouTube page that the deployment had been extended without a definite end date, and it was clear that Kermie wouldn’t survive until Christmas.

Kermie was a strong and determined dog who waited patiently for her beloved Eric to return home. Her love for him was so intense that his arrival acted like a healing balm for her. Even though she had stopped eating and drinking, she started living again as soon as he came back. Kermie finally celebrated her 12th birthday in January, thanks to Eric’s timely return. Sadly, she succumbed to the tumour and passed away in February 2013. But, she was fortunate enough to spend her last days with the man she loved dearly.

The heartwarming reunion of Eric Ralston and his beloved pooch, Kermie, was captured on video by her family. The sheer joy and excitement on Kermie’s face upon seeing Eric after their separation is simply heart-melting. Check out the touching moments of their reunion in the footage below.

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