A Heartwarming Tale of Saving a Lonely Dog Left Behind at a Railway Stop with No Care for Weeks.

Four years ago, a pooch was left behind at a subway station in Lima, Peru. The abandoned furry friend was christened “Cabezón” by the rescuers who came to his aid. Trapped on a wheeled machine with tight straps, the poor dog couldn’t move and had to keep his head down.

Sara Moran runs Milagros Perrunos, a haven for dogs with disabilities in Peru. She’s not sure how Cabezón came to be there, but suspects his owner abandoned him when he injured his hind legs. Meanwhile, Bobblehead was found and fed by some kids who helped him escape from something. Finally, Cabezoncito had an accident that left him unable to walk, according to news reports.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of people, the poor dog’s condition went unnoticed by everyone. However, Sara mentioned that Cabezón was in a critical state. This prompted the young men to have a change of heart. They took Bobblehead with them and carried him to Sara’s house. Sara had a kindhearted habit of taking care of stray dogs in need. She even had specially designed cots to provide comfort for those who were severely injured or paralyzed.

Upon realizing that Cabezón was not in a good state, Sara swiftly took him to the doctor. However, the outcome of the consultation was quite disheartening. The doctor conveyed that Cabezón had sustained severe spinal injuries, kidney failure, and numerous cuts and sores. Moreover, he had been rendered incapable of movement from being fastened to a table where he had no choice but to urinate and defecate, resulting in grave genital harm.

Bobblehead’s condition is uncertain, and even if he survives, he will be paralyzed for life, according to the vet. In Peru, where stray animals are abundant, owners may choose to euthanize a dog like Cabezón, who is injured and alone. There is a touching story about a kind-hearted man who helped a feline in need. The cat was in bad shape, with matted fur and a helpless look in its eyes, but it was brave enough to approach the man’s house for help. This anecdote emphasizes the importance of showing compassion and kindness towards animals that require assistance.

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