“A Loyal Canine’s Ultimate Act of Bravery: Defending Owners from Intruder and Paying the Price”

Undoubtedly, our furry friends are known for their immense love and loyalty towards their owners. Although the following account is distressing, it highlights the heroism of a dedicated dog who sacrificed his life to save his family. The incident took place in Merauke, Indonesia, where Achy Wijaya woke up to find his beloved pet lying lifeless in their backyard. The previous night, Achy had heard the brave dog barking incessantly.

As per a report by NtdNews, Achy was devastated to learn that his pet dog had been deliberately poisoned. The incident came to light when the dog kept barking and scared off the burglars who were trying to rob Achy’s house. Later, when Achy and family left the house in the morning, they found that the dog had been poisoned by the criminals.

Based on the tragic information gathered, the family reported that a group of robbers was planning to ransack their home while they were asleep. Their faithful dog began barking incessantly, but nobody paid attention since they thought it was just chasing a cat. Later, the dog suddenly stopped barking, and the following day, it was found near death, lying in its vomit with foam around its mouth, indicating a possible poisoning. The family intended to take the dog to a veterinarian, but they lived in a remote region where the only available vet mainly treated cattle. Moreover, it was a Sunday, so the clinic was closed, as Achy wrote. The family tried to nurse their pet by giving it milk, oil, and coconut milk, but despite their efforts, the dog became weaker and eventually passed away.

As Achy mourned the loss of his courageous dog who sacrificed itself to save his family, he decided to capture the final moments of his beloved pet on video. This was done not just to honor his dog’s life, but also to remind and urge others to take notice when their own dogs start barking.

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