A Loyal Pooch Left to Fend for Himself by Callous Owners Finds Love from Compassionate Strangers.

Exhausted and drained, the 12-year-old dog named Duncan found himself under a dumpster one day in a junkyard. It didn’t take long for the workers to notice his presence and they knew they had to do something to help him. One of them offered the senior dog food and water, but upon closer inspection, she noticed that he was blind and in really bad shape. She knew that calling animal control would be a risky move as he might not survive in a public shelter. Therefore, she made the decision to contact a rescue organization instead.

blind senior dog found in junkyard

Upon receiving a distress call, the team at Hope for Paws immediately headed towards the scrapyard to save Duncan. Though they tried to offer him more sustenance, the kind-hearted senior dog was too bewildered and bewildered to understand the situation fully. Therefore, the rescuers decided to evacuate him from the area as soon as possible.

blind senior dog found in junkyard

A collar was placed on his neck.

blind senior dog found in junkyard

Duncan, who was elderly, visually impaired, and unwell, did not resist when his saviors carefully extracted him from beneath the dumpster.

blind senior dog found in junkyard

Once they managed to free Duncan, it became clear how much he had been neglected. A rope was tied around his neck, indicating that someone had once taken responsibility for him but failed to take care of him properly. During the car ride to the vet, Duncan allowed his rescuers to show him affection and pet him, possibly for the first time in years.

Repeatedly apologizing to him in a video documenting his rescue, Duncan’s rescuers expressed their remorse for the mistreatment he had endured. However, the vet’s examination revealed that his suffering went even further. In addition to being blind, Duncan was dehydrated, had a skin disease, two tumors, and ulcers. Despite the vet recommending euthanasia as the most humane option, his rescuers refused to let him go that way. They wanted to give him the chance to experience the love and care he had been denied for so long.

blind senior dog found in junkyard rescued

Hope for Paws contacted Frosted Faces Foundation to take care of Duncan, a challenging case due to his advanced age and health issues. As a specialist in senior dog care, the foundation readily agreed and placed Duncan in a foster home. The transformation in Duncan’s behavior was remarkable once he received love and care. Despite his condition of dementia, he enjoys his new surroundings and loves to snuggle and hang out in laundry baskets. Although he may get confused at times, his foster family is always there to comfort him. Duncan may not have long to live, but he is finally getting the love and attention he deserves. Check out Duncan’s rescue video below.

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