“A Mother Dog’s Final Sacrifice: Giving Her All to Nourish Her Pups”

A Facebook video featuring a financially-challenged woman getting attacked with an iron bar while trying to shield her babies has gone viral. Sadly, the mother dog of three puppies was left paralyzed from the waist down after being assaulted by a man.

As per The Benguin, a group of rescuers came to her rescue along with the puppies. They were informed about her situation and arrived four hours later to find her still lying outside, unable to move with her three little ones by her side.

A man viciously attacked a helpless dog with an iron bar, leaving the poor pup paralyzed from the waist down. The aggressor decided to teach the dog a lesson after scaring off his son who was playing with the puppies. Fortunately, the child was unharmed and it’s only natural for a mother dog to defend her babies.

This innocent dog posed no threat to anyone on the street, yet the monster who brought her to this state is not only a danger to other animals but also to people!

The poor female dog stayed out on the street for about 4-5 hours until the rescuers found out and took her to the veterinarian.

Last night when they found her, she didn’t show any signs of aggression. Even though she was in pain and had her three puppies with her. They named her Amal. The next day, they took her for an x-ray and discovered that she had a problem with her L2-L3 vertebrae.

The veterinarian has already started the treatment with spinal injections and is optimistic that it will help the patient to walk again. In case the treatment doesn’t yield positive results, surgery can be considered as an alternative option.

Amal has just begun a long and challenging journey towards recovery, but the veterinarians are optimistic that she’ll make it through if she stays strong for her puppies. Unfortunately, her puppies had to be taken away from her.

At the moment, Amal is taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication, which makes her milk unsuitable for her puppies. She has a bit of blood in her urine, so she’ll be taking Tarosin for ten days. The puppies are being fed Royal Canin Starter until Amal can nurse them again. Despite not being able to walk yet, Amal is content and enjoying life. Her condition has significantly improved from before.

Amal’s sunny disposition and love for being in the spotlight make her a ray of hope for the seasoned individuals around her. It seems that things are looking up, which is definitely cause for celebration.

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