A Sightless Feline Longs to Meet Her Rescuer: The Man who Tried to Save Her Life.

I recently came across a kitten and unfortunately, it seems to be very ill. The kitten’s eyes are swollen due to inflammation, and there are many wounds on its body. Despite being weak, the poor kitten still wants to play. As a responsible pet owner, I know that the kitten needs medical care immediately, so I am hoping to find a vet soon.

The kitten’s mouth and teeth are healthy and there are no problems. However, there is inflammation in the kitten’s wounds, so I need to address the inflammation promptly. There are a lot of fleas on the kitten’s body, but the kitten seems unbothered by them. I will use all the medications I have for the kitten. First, I will clean the kitten’s eyes. But doing this can hurt the kitten a little bit.

Currently, I am going to clean the kitten’s eye. Afterward, I will use drops for the kitten’s eyes because of the swelling that has occurred. I plan to give the kitten antibiotics to reduce inflammation in the wound. The kitten has a lot of inflamed wounds on its body that need to be cleaned. I have to be gentle when cleaning the wounds to avoid any further inflammation. I also need to treat the wound with an anti-inflammatory to alleviate the discomfort.

The kitten’s food is also a wonder. Now, I will mention the appointments that I have named the magnificent 3. These appointments are very effective on an open wound. The kitten needs flea drops. I am going to give the kitten some wet cat food, and then I’m going to give him kitten milk.

I am going to feed the kitten with my hand. The little cat will drink milk from a bottle. I have to help the kitten eat. Now it is time to rest.

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