“A Stranded Pregnant Pooch: A Tale of Hope and Rescue”

The GoGo Rescue Channel received a distress call about an unfortunate dog that had collapsed on the road. Upon arrival, the situation was quite dire.

She has a swollen belly that was initially mistaken for a large tumor.

They rushed her to the vet clinic where an ultrasound revealed that she was carrying two puppies in her womb. Despite being in immense pain, she held on to her life for the sake of her unborn babies.

The surgery was urgent and had to be done right away. Fortunately, the operation went well, but unfortunately, only one puppy was able to be saved. The mother dog is currently receiving treatment at the vet and is still quite weak. The surviving puppy is being well taken care of and receiving milk from a pump.

It’s my sincere hope that Mother dog and her offspring will receive blessings from God. I am extremely grateful to have rescued these innocent souls.

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