“Abandoned by the Crowd: One Man’s Solitary Wait on Supermarket Steps”

On Easter day, a helpless puppy was left abandoned on the entrance steps of a supermarket. Despite being in clear sight, passersby chose to ignore the poor creature who was left all alone without any parental support.

Fahrudin Caki Bravo came across a lost puppy who rushed towards him for assistance. Without any second thoughts, Fahrudin readily offered his help and went ahead to rescue the furry creature. The puppy is now named Aurora.

He brought Aurora to his place and provided her with food and water. He had a big appetite and devoured a lot of food. The following morning, he took her to the Vet for medical attention after giving her a bath.

After administering both internal and external Advocade, the patient was given a ten-day course of antibiotics, as well as daily body cream and immunity-boosting vitamins. With good food and even a bath to clean lice eggs, the patient is on the road to recovery, albeit a long one.

Aurora loves to play and have fun. Fortunately, her health is on the upswing and she’s doing much better now. She has a sweet and gentle disposition that makes her easy to love. Currently, she’s still undergoing treatment at the vet clinic.

Aurora is making a gradual but steady recovery after two weeks. She has completed her antibiotic treatment and is now using skin care cream, taking immunity pills, bathing regularly, and eating well. Her skin is beginning to regain its elasticity and is less scaly. It’s amazing to see how lively and playful she has become since her miraculous recovery.

The adorable little baby who is just shy of three months old and weighs 4.7 kg, has received her first vaccine and the routine check-up went well. Her skin is being treated and she is in excellent spirits – happy, playful and full of life. A huge thank you to all who helped and supported to give this precious little one a second shot at life.

After nearly eight weeks, Aurora has made a full recovery and is now full of joy. She weighs a healthy 10 kilograms and the great news is that she has finally found her forever home. Enjoy your vacation with your new loving family, my dear.

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