Abandoned on a Busy Highway, A Loyal Dog Waits for Her Owner’s Return

Moving away from the bustling center of the road, she slowly crawled towards the side. It was evident that she had been ejected from a vehicle. Despite the constant flow of people passing by, no one seemed to take notice of her. She patiently waited for what felt like an eternity until a compassionate stranger finally arrived to offer their help.

She seemed scared and confused about her presence in that place. She was seemingly searching for the person who had thrown her out. Luckily, there were no broken bones or joint dislocations.

Before, her hip was shattered and underwent boiling. Although her hemogram shows some irregularity, her biochemistry, liver and kidney levels, as well as triple test results, are within normal range.

The entire fur on her body has been removed and she has taken a bath using shampoo infused with medication.

After recovering from the traumatic experience, she regained her confidence and placed her trust in her rescuers. She has now fully healed and is able to walk again. Words cannot express how grateful she is for all the help and contributions that were given to save her life. Thank you so much.

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