“Abandoned Rottweiler Finds Hope in Her Last Days After 9 Years of Neglect”

Josephine, or “Pheenie,” the canine, was abandoned after her owner was deported. She sought refuge behind a shipping container in a junkyard to shield herself from the weather. For five years, she was left to fend for herself, surviving on scraps and crumbs from the community. However, her life eventually caught up with her.

Pheeie’s health had deteriorated as she grew older due to continuous stress and lack of care. The poor dog lost her right eye after being hit by a truck, faced severe dental issues, suffered from a urinary tract infection, multiple cancerous breast tumors, and even a spinal cord infection.

This awful movie tells the story of the volunteers from Hope for Paws as they work to rescue a dog named Pheeie from a sad and isolated existence. Despite her advanced age and the difficulty of her surgery, Pheeie slowly begins to understand that someone has come to help her. She shows her gratitude by giving her rescuers a tight hug, although her expression still reflects the sadness she has experienced.

Pheenie was placed into a long-term foster care program to properly address her growing medical needs. She enjoyed spending five whole months living on a vast farm with her foster family, where she received ample love and care. Sadly, Pheenie passed away due to old age, but her final days were filled with love and comfort. Despite a difficult life of poverty and isolation, Pheenie found peace and happiness in her foster home. May she rest in peace.

Check out the clip underneath to witness the heart-warming rescue of Pheenie from a junkyard and her cozy last moments in a foster home.

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