Adoption Unleashed: A Heartwarming Story of Embracing a Pitbull and Her Canine Companion.

As a gentleman entered the Rocket Dog Rescue facility in San Francisco to look for a furry companion, he felt an instant connection with a three-year-old Pitbull named Merrill. However, a problem arose during the adoption process – Merrill did not want to leave her closest buddy behind at the shelter! The staff at Rocket Dog Rescue dedicate their time and effort to rescuing abandoned and abused dogs from overcrowded shelters regularly.

Rocket Dog Rescue aims to rescue dogs that are facing euthanasia, particularly those that find it difficult to find a new home. One of their successful rescues was a Pitbull and his eight-year-old Chihuahua pal named Taco back in 2014. The organization did not have any information about their previous owner, but it was evident that the two had formed an unbreakable bond. They would whimper whenever separated and only stop when reunited again. Merrill the Chihuahua provided comfort and support to her larger buddy throughout their stay at the shelter, which was truly amazing proof of the strength of friendship.

Soon after their arrival at the shelter, it became evident that Merrill and Taco shared an unbreakable bond. This was evident when they were brought in for surrender and Merrill required surgery to survive her severe urinary tract infection. Taco was visibly distraught and kept pacing anxiously throughout the entire procedure. Despite attempts by volunteers to separate them to speed up Merrill’s recovery, both dogs were inconsolable without each other’s company. Eventually, the shelter staff gave up trying and allowed these two furry friends to remain together until they found their forever home.

Taco and Meryl’s unyielding loyalty amazed the volunteers in the recovery room. While deeply touched by their bond, the volunteers also feared that finding them a home might be challenging. This was because, in the past, bonded dogs were harder to adopt as most individuals preferred to take only one pet at a time. The shelter wanted to ensure that both Taco and Meryl found a suitable home, so they listed them separately on their website. Regrettably, due to his age, not many people showed interest in adopting Taco. However, luck was on their side as a compassionate man visited the shelter, looking for a pup to take home. He was immediately drawn to Meryl’s story and decided to adopt her.

Upon completing his paperwork, the man was instantly smitten with Merrill. He knew he had to take her home with him. However, when they tried to remove Merrill from her cage while leaving Taco behind, a loud howling erupted, leaving the new pet parent puzzled. It was then revealed that Taco and Merrill were the best of friends who didn’t want to be separated.

Understanding the bond between them, the man was determined to keep them together. Though he could only adopt one dog, a solution was found that would benefit them both. The shelter altered its approach to ensure that the two pals remained inseparable. The updated website listing caught the attention of an incredible volunteer named Jody who offered to foster the two pups until they found a permanent home.

A fortunate family from San Jose stumbled upon the shelter’s website and instantly fell in love with Taco and Merrill. They made the journey to meet them in person and knew they had to take them home. Although the pups had a few health issues to deal with, like Taco’s asthma and dental disease leaving him with only four teeth, the family was overjoyed to start a new life together. Initially, the family believed that Taco’s symptoms were minor and could be treated at home. However, after a month of being under their care, they took him to the vet and came to realize that his condition was much more serious than they had anticipated. Taco was suffering from an enlarged heart with fluid in his lungs, which could lead to cardiac arrest if left untreated. The vet prescribed medication while waiting for an urgent appointment with a specialist.

Despite their initial doubts, the family rallied together to support Taco Merrill’s health by preparing delicious tacos and showering him with love and care. They were determined to give him a fighting chance, just as he had always been loyal to his best friend. Slowly but surely, Taco began to show signs of improvement and his heart condition stabilized. However, he continued to struggle with respiratory issues and required regular medication to maintain a good quality of life. Despite these challenges, Taco remained happy and playful, often joining Merrill in rolling around on the grass and running free. Although he couldn’t always participate due to his size, Merrill was always eager to include him and they were grateful for each other’s company.

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