Amazing Mama: Mother dog “gives birth” to 15 healthy kittens, outshining her owner

Back in 2011, Romy, a three-year-old dog from England, made headlines for being one of the most fertile dogs in the world. While it was an impressive feat, Romy’s owners, Ms. Natasha White and Mr. Copping Alicia, from Coventry in west Midlands, England, couldn’t help but chuckle at their furry companion’s prolificacy. They described Romy as a beloved pet, even though her breed usually only gives birth to around 7 or 8 puppies per litter.

Natasha White, the proud owner of a dog, was excitedly anticipating the arrival of the litter on the day of their birth. However, after 12 hours of labor, Natasha couldn’t believe her eyes and had to count the puppies repeatedly. To her surprise, there were not a few, but 15 adorable puppies. The litter comprised 10 female and 5 male puppies, each weighing between 275 and 339 grams – a far cry from the predicted 8 or 9 grams.

According to Natasha, when Romy was four weeks pregnant, they conducted an ultrasound and noticed that she usually gave birth to around eight to nine puppies. When Romy finally delivered a large litter, it greatly impacted her family. Natasha revealed that even though the puppies couldn’t fully open their eyes, they still searched for their mother’s milk every two hours during the day. Romy must have been very busy after giving birth to fifteen puppies. When she gave birth to ten puppies, they took her for a walk in the garden, but the fourteenth puppy arrived two hours later. Natasha mentioned that the last puppy was the biggest, so Romy had to exert more effort to push it out.

According to Natasha, Romy was unable to produce enough milk to feed all fifteen of her puppies, so they had to supplement with formula instead of relying solely on her breast milk. In appreciation for Romy and her litter, Natasha White and Copping Alicia have created a website dedicated to them. The website,, also serves as a platform to document the growth and progress of these beautiful dogs.

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