An Elderly Canine’s Courageous Battle with Bone Cancer: A Tale of Inspiration

A report came in on September 22 about an old dog that was chained up and being denied basic necessities such as food and water, despite being unwell. Although GWARP has been involved in animal rescue for several years, this was a new level of cruelty for them. The dog seems to be suffering from bone cancer and has been left untreated for an extended period of time. It has been living with a short chain, fed only scraps and junk, which has caused malnourishment and deficiency in vitamins, ultimately leading to the development of osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

According to the veterinarian, the cancer found in the dog is typically a result of severe injury and bacterial growth that can form into a tumor. In this case, it seems to be accurate because the person who brought the dog to the vet witnessed it being brutally beaten by its intoxicated owner. The owner had kept the dog tied up in his backyard for an extended period, limiting its mobility to two feet due to the short metal chain.

The rescue team had asked to save the boy, but the owner denied their request, stating that the boy was his property. So the team sought help from the nearby police. The dog seemed heartbroken when they left him and spoke to the cops. Eventually, after several hours, they managed to provide the owner with the necessary paperwork, and he relented. However, he insisted that they could not take the dog unless they reported him.

After realizing that the poor dog needed immediate medical attention, we decided to take him for blood tests and medical check-ups without any delay. Unfortunately, our boy had to undergo amputation right away, and we sent fabric samples for histology. We know that there is a long journey ahead of us.

The X-rays revealed that Jordan was suffering from Osteosarcoma, a severe form of bone cancer. Thankfully, we found out that he did not have any metastases in his lungs, which gives him a slim chance of survival. However, the tumor is growing rapidly, and his skin is starting to tear due to its speedy development.

To help Jordan overcome his traumatic past and let go of any negative energy from his previous owner, we gave him a long bath.

Regrettably, Jordan’s condition was too severe to be treated in Azerbaijan, and he had to travel to Turkey for further treatment. His travel date was scheduled for a few days later.

Once in Istanbul, Jordan underwent a brief sedation procedure to get an X-ray of his whole body before surgery.

Fortunately, the amputation surgery went according to plan, and the cancerous limb was removed.

It’s been three days since Jordan’s operation, and he’s already adapting to his new life. He quickly regained his appetite and enjoys our food immensely. Please continue to wish him a speedy recovery and a long and happy life ahead. We all love you, Jordan!

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