“Belarus: The Cross-Eyed Crusader for Shelter Pets – A Feline Superhero on a Mission”

The feline who found a home in San Francisco’s shelter has garnered an impressive fan base of over 256,000 on Instagram.

Social media is witnessing an increasing trend of pets with strabismus, aka cross-eyed animals, who are capturing the hearts of animal lovers worldwide. One such adorable creature is Belarus, a rescued cat from San Francisco, who has gained a significant following on social media. Despite suffering from strabismus, which makes it challenging for him to align his eyes simultaneously, Belarus has charmed many with his unique appearance. Belarus was adopted by Rachel Krall in 2018 after she spotted a post about him on SFACC’s social media, and he now boasts over 256,000 followers on Instagram, thanks to his loving owner. If you’re searching for an endearing and quirky addition to your social media feed, Belarus is undoubtedly worth a follow.

Belarus, the endearing feline with crossed eyes, takes Instagram by storm not only by sharing his adorable pictures but also by promoting merchandises that support animal shelters in San Francisco. The owner of Belarus named Krall, willingly donates all the revenue generated through the merchandise sales to numerous shelters including SFACC, the former home of Belarus. In the past year alone, the noble initiative has contributed $6,000 towards these shelters, where $4,000 was given to SFACC, $1,000 to Sonoma Community Animal Response Team, and $1,000 to Cat Town of Oakland. Although Krall vowed to donate 50% of the profits initially, she ended up donating the entire earnings towards the shelter, showing her dedication towards the cause.

Brodie, a charming dog with an adorable “wonky” face, has received a new lease on life after being brought back to the shelter by his previous owners. Despite his distinctive crossed eyes, Brodie’s vision is reportedly unaffected, and he does not experience any discomfort. Meanwhile, Belarus the cat spends his time indulging in typical feline pastimes like playfully causing mischief and devouring food. To catch a glimpse of Belarus’s exciting antics, you can follow him on Instagram under the handle @My_Boy_Belarus.

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