“Charming and Playful Cat with Distinctive Facial Features is Simply Adorable”

Last summer, Lindsey Hidenrite, the cat coordinator for Helping Hands Pet Rescue in Gainesville, Florida, rescued a kitten named Smush. Despite her weak and sickly appearance, Hidenrite took her in and nursed her back to health. As a veterinary student at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, Hidenrite frequently rescues strays with severe health issues, and Smush was no exception. When someone found the ten-day-old kitten outside and brought her to Hidenrite, she was almost on the brink of death. Now that she’s healthy, Smush is looking for a home that can appreciate her unique appearance and sassy personality.


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When I first met Smush, it was clear that she was in a bad way. The adorable little doggy had a cleft lip and facial deformities, and on top of that, she was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and a nasty case of ringworm. Her health issues meant that she couldn’t eat, so I made the decision to take care of her by feeding her with a syringe every four hours. I also gave her antibiotics and medicated baths whenever necessary.

Hidenrite explains that Smush’s natural abnormalities – a cleft lip and eyes set far apart – are typically why kitties are left behind. Hidenrite has seen various instances where cats seem to acknowledge that they won’t be able to take care of their unwell kittens, so they may abandon them to prioritize the healthy littermates. Fortunately for Smush, Laura Braden became her foster mom and showered her with love and attention. Braden gave Smush medicated baths thrice weekly, and she began to eat independently in no time. Despite her disabilities, Braden’s care helped Smush flourish.


smush rescue cat kitten

Smush achieved independence by developing the ability to feed herself, which helped her become more resilient and courageous. While recuperating from ringworm, she presented a challenge for Braden as she refused to be contained. Animals that lose their parents at a young age may miss out on significant social abilities that they would have picked up from their siblings and guardians during their earliest months. For instance, a kitten raised by its mother would learn to moderate its biting during playtime. Failure to gain these critical skills could cause confusion between play and hunting.


smush kitten rescue cat

Braden, an experienced caregiver for kittens, was affectionately nibbled by Smush. Having extensive knowledge in taking care of kittens, Braden knew that Smush deserved a permanent home with a family who would cherish her distinct traits and character. Braden believed that Smush needed a loving home that would appreciate her cute squished face and her lively demeanor.


smush rescue kitten cat

Laura Braden and Lindsey Hidenrite played an important part in rescuing Smush. They were thrilled to reunite with Smush again in her new home. Shannon Jackson and Sarah Jenne stumbled across Smush’s picture on Hidenrite’s Facebook page but didn’t consider adopting her at that time. Jenne was heartbroken over the loss of her beloved pet cat, Poot. However, when asked about her desires for special occasions such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, she always longed for a kitten.


smush rescue cat kitten

While working as a photographer for Helping Hands Pet Rescue, Shannon Jackson got to know Hidenrite. Her admiration for Hidenrite’s empathy towards those in need grew when she saw how well she took care of Raisin, a remarkable cat that was featured by The Dodo.

smush kitten cat rescue

Come and join our joyful celebration of the day we officially became a family, with our amazing mothers, Shannon and Sarah!

Jackson contacted Lindsey to inquire about Smush’s availability for Sarah’s upcoming birthday. Hidenrite confirmed that Smush was available but mentioned that he was a lively cat. He suggested that they take Smush home for a week to see if he would be a suitable match.


smush rescue cat kitten

Smush has a great affection for her furry siblings, including a rescued greyhound named Candy. Shannon Jackson revealed that Candy and Smush hit it off instantly, although Smush took some time to warm up to her owners. According to Jackson, Smush stayed in her carrier and growled for about a day before finally coming out. Nevertheless, once she emerged, Smush’s personality shone through brilliantly. Today, Smush has found her forever home with her moms, three cat siblings, three dog siblings, and a pet hedgehog named Homer. Smush is the first feline that Jackson and her partner have adopted together, and they both agree that Smush is the ideal addition to their family.


smush rescue cat kitten

For the past few weeks, Smush has been occupied with playing around with Christmas ornaments, swatting balls off the tree, taking a nap on the tree skirt, and daydreaming about tearing apart wrapping paper.

smush cat rescue kitten

As per statements made by Shannon Jackson, the parent of Smush the cat, the furry feline has been exhibiting more purring and less biting tendencies lately. Smush had a happy surprise when her rescuers Braden and Hidenrite paid her a visit just before Christmas. It is speculated that Smush’s resilient personality played a significant role in aiding her recuperation from her traumatic ordeal.

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