“Compassionate Hero Rescues Frozen Dog Trapped in Sewer”

On a freezing day, a dog became ill and his tongue got stuck to a manhole cover. A kind-hearted person came to the rescue to help free the dog’s frozen tongue while the poor canine was in tears and struggling to break free on his own.

As soon as a passerby noticed the sad state of the dog, he rushed towards him and emptied his water bottle into his mouth to help him regain his strength and save him from the heat. The man can be seen gently pouring the water as the furry creature moves around.

After going through a traumatic experience, the dog was finally set free and happily approached the man for some petting. It’s uncertain whether the furry friend belonged to someone or was simply roaming around without any medical attention.

A video was recorded in Vladivostok, Russia on Thursday.

This compassionate person came to the aid of a dog whose tongue was trapped in a frozen well by using warm water to free him.

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