Determined Mama Dog Bravely Treks Over 3 Kilometers Despite Broken Leg to Secure Help for Her Pups

A skinny mother dog had to leave her puppies alone in an old car in order to seek assistance. Meanwhile, another dog with a hurt leg walked for over three kilometers alongside two strangers until she arrived at the spot where she had given birth to a litter of ten pups. The Spanish greyhound was seen hobbling around a marketplace in the southern part of Spain. Lianne Powell, a 49-year-old psychologist, took care of the lost dog and brought her to a nearby veterinarian for treatment. It’s estimated that the furry creature is somewhere between two to three years old.

Vera is recovering with her puppies

Vera is currently recuperating with her litter of puppies. However, Vet Ellen Sobry and Lianne discovered that Vera was lactating and had recently given birth to more puppies. Therefore, they embarked on a search for the remaining puppies. To their surprise, Vera miraculously guided the duo directly to her offspring.

Vera is healthy and happy with her puppies

Ellen, a 39-year-old expat from Belgium, shared that Vera, the female dog they found injured and bleeding, had a broken leg and was lactating. In her curiosity to find Vera’s puppies, they put a collar and long lead on her before returning to the market. Amazingly, Vera led them for approximately 3km, showing them where her puppies were.

Lianne Powell and Ellen Sobry were astonished when a dog they had only met an hour before led them to a surprising discovery. The incredible footage captured the dog, now named Vera after the town she was found in, guiding the two women to an abandoned car where she jumped into the passenger seat through an open door. What they found were ten newborn puppies all huddled together on the shredded back seat while their mother watched from the front window. The dog’s display of trust and intuition left Lianne and Ellen amazed.

Lianne Powell being led by Vera to the abaonded car where her puppies lay

Vera guided Lianne Powell towards the car that held her litter of puppies. Lianne had to make a crucial decision since the puppies were at risk of starvation if they were left alone. However, they needed the assistance of the greyhound who had given birth to the pups. The problem was that they weren’t sure if they could earn her trust for the help they needed.
Despite her injury, Vera limped and dragged her cast along as she led them through the backstreets and main roads. She even guided them through the muddy tracks and fields. At some point, Lianne and her companions began to worry that Vera was leading them to her home instead of her puppies. But their fears were allayed when, after covering a distance of 3km, Vera suddenly turned towards a tiny, muddy track. It was there that she led them through a thick hedge and into an abandoned house before crossing the yard and eventually making her way into a car.
Lianne and her team finally witnessed 10 beautiful, fat, and healthy puppies waiting for them. The discovery was quite emotional, and tears flowed unreservedly. The fact that Vera was able to fend for herself and also care for ten puppies despite her condition was nothing short of remarkable!

Vera is healthy and happy with her puppies, in Vera, southern Spain

Ellen, a veterinarian at Clinivet Turre, is taking care of Vera and her puppies as they recover from their injuries. Ellen has partnered with Ibizan Hound Rescue in Murcia, Southern Spain to help find homes for the dogs once they are healthy enough to leave the clinic. Ibizan Hound Rescue is a non-profit organization that specializes in taking care of abandoned dogs and finding them loving homes. Vera sustained a fresh broken leg, and though the cause is unknown, it could have been due to a car accident or an altercation with a person. Vera is recovering well and is focused on taking care of her puppies, eating, and sleeping. Unfortunately, the number of strays in the area is increasing due to the end of hunting season, and many hunters abandon their dogs when they are no longer useful. For more information on Ibizan Hound Rescue and how you can help, visit their website.

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