“Devoted Pup Visits Owner’s Grave Daily, Heartbroken Over Loss”

The loyal canine was deeply affected by the passing of his owner. He showed signs of grief such as loss of interest in eating and disappearing from his usual surroundings. His actions remained a mystery to those around him.

The tale starts off in Turkey where Oztuk Ismail stumbled upon a stray dog and decided to give him a home. Zozo was the chosen name for this furry friend and thanks to the bond that developed between them, the dog loved nothing more than being by his owner’s side.

Oztuk Ismail’s passing on February 10, 2014, left his entire family in shock. Zozo was particularly affected, having been Oztuk’s loyal companion. The dog has been grieving for the past two years, unable to shake off the despair that came with losing his beloved human friend.

The family of Oztuk noticed that their beloved dog was frequently vanishing from their home and reappearing only at the end of the day. However, they couldn’t figure out where he went during his absence. One day, Oztuk Zafer, the son of Oztuk Ismail, decided to visit his deceased father’s grave. From a distance, he spotted an animal sleeping on top of the grave. As he approached, he recognized the faithful Zozo. Zozo had been visiting the grave every day for two years, heartbroken and inconsolable. It became apparent to Oztuk Zafer how deeply Zozo missed his father.

According to the son, he was the first one to take the dog to his father’s resting place. It was quite surprising to see Zozo, the dog, walk all the way to the cemetery located at the far end of the village every day, regardless of the weather conditions, to visit its companion. Though unable to communicate with humans, Zozo continues to express its love for its owner through similar actions.

It’s evident that the previous owner of the dog was a wonderful person given the loyal and affectionate nature of the canine towards him.

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