Discovering the Enchantments of the Regal Black Fowl: A Fascinating Bird Wonder!

Discovering this Majestic Bird’s Power and Dominance: The Regal Black Chicken!(video)

Prepare to be amazed by the stunning appearance of the “Lamborghini of chickens” – the Indian Ayam Cemani. This rare breed of poultry boasts a striking feature that will leave you in awe – it is entirely black in color, from its feathers, beak, legs, toenails, skin, bones, and even internal organs. Everything about this chicken is pitch black, and while that may be its only unique distinguishable feature, it’s noticeably darker than your average chicken.
The name “Ayam” translates to chicken in Indonesian, while “Cemani” means totally black in Javanese. This breed owes its uniqueness to a hereditary condition called “fibromelanosis”. It’s worth noting that this chicken is not your typical fast-food option and can cost up to $2,500 USD per bird. For comparison, 15 common chickens cost around $85, and exotic breeds can go for up to $149.

The Ayam Cemani chicken has a striking appearance that often leads to misunderstandings and misconceptions. However, once you get to know this unique breed, you’ll find it fascinating. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable “black chicken” of Ayam Cemani.

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Do you want to emerge as the champion? A handsome amount of $2000 can surely make a difference!

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