Excited Pup on the Lookout: Ready to Greet Kids with Love and Hugs as They Hop onto the School Bus

Each day, Maggie eagerly anticipates the arrival of her human sibling. As soon as the school bus pulls up to their home, she knows it’s time for them to be reunited.

We’ve witnessed dogs waiting for buses before, but this particular dog has something special in store for its favorite person. As soon as the young boy gets off the school bus and starts walking towards the house, he anticipates what’s about to happen.

It’s a timeless source of joy! To begin with, Maggie yields to lying on her back and receiving some belly rubs. And afterward, the cuddles commence!

Even though he doesn’t stay away from her for extended periods, this beautiful girl cherishes every moment they spend together. Check out their touching moments in the video clip underneath:

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