Exploring with Hester: The Fearless Girl Who Defies Limits

Occasionally, the most exceptional felines arrive in our lives unexpectedly. They may come knocking on our doors or catch our eye, but one thing is for sure: they leave a lasting impression. Hester, known as “Hester is Not a Cat” on Instagram, is a prime example of how cats can be daring, fearless, and adventurous. Her piercing blue eyes and love for water and exploration make her stand out, not to mention her picture-perfect poses for the camera. I had the pleasure of speaking with her owner, who graciously allowed me to feature this remarkable cat on our site. So, let us all take a moment to appreciate Hester and her fun-loving personality.

Hester is Not a Cat

How did you come to have Hester in your life? Did you choose her or did she choose you?

I wasn’t planning on having a cat, but when I saw Hester’s face, I knew she was coming home with me. I adopted her out of a van in a Walmart parking lot when she was only six weeks old.

What’s the story behind her name?

Hester had the personality of a feisty old lady, so I named her after an old-fashioned name that suited her. Hester or Hetty are her usual names, but she has other nicknames like Hets, Hetty Beans, Pester, Sharkitty, Horses, Hesturd, and Pepperidge Farms.

What does Hester like to do for fun?

Hester is an adventure-loving feline; she enjoys swimming, climbing trees, going on hikes, road trips, and bike rides (she sits in a backpack). She also likes playing tag, watching shows about sled dogs, playing with her favorite toy fishing pole, and climbing the Christmas tree in winter.

How did you discover that Hester likes water?

From six weeks old, I started taking her in the tub to get her used to water and teach her how to swim. Now, at almost two years old, she’s a confident swimmer, and she loves floating around in her shark life jacket or relaxing while I hold her in the water.

Does Hester have any other furry friends at home?

She’s a pampered only pet, but she has cat and dog friends in the neighborhood. She’s always calm and curious when meeting new animals, and she even approached a deer once!

Is Hester chatty like a Siamese cat would be?

Hester’s DNA test revealed that she’s a mix of seven breeds, including Domestic Shorthair, Persian, Khaomanee, Korat, and Norwegian Forest Cat, but she’s not overly chatty. When she needs something, like going outside or coming in or if she can’t find me, she’ll meow as if to say “Hello!??”.

Hester is Not a Cat

Hester is Not a Cat

What’s a unique quality of Hester that sets her apart? Well, Hester has a soft spot for children. She absolutely loves them! You can trust her to be gentle and accommodating to any child who wants to pick her up and carry her around. It’s quite remarkable how she never tries to scratch or bite them. Even though I don’t have kids of my own, when Hester spots any kids around, she quickly runs over to them, eager to be the center of attention.

Hester is Not a Cat

Hester is Not a Cat

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