Faithful Canine Holds On to Greet Little Sister Before Bidding Farewell

Back in 2015, a couple from Fort Meade welcomed an elderly pooch named Rocky into their family after adopting him from a local shelter.

When Beth was expecting, he even joined her for the photo shoot to capture this special and beautiful moment.

“When I first began exhibiting, there was a noticeable increase in his level of attachment towards me.”

As soon as the couple brought their newborn daughter home, they realized that their furry friend, Rocky, was not feeling well.

After welcoming his human sibling a couple of hours later, he peacefully departed at 18 years old.

“One day, your parents will share with you the story of your very first furry friend, Rocky…”

It is my sincere hope that by sharing our experience, we can inspire others to consider adopting senior dogs.

Introducing Rocky, the loyal dog who lived long enough to welcome his baby sister into the world. The Clarks, a young couple from Fort Meade, adopted Rocky from Anne Arundel County Animal Control shelter when he was already 17 years old. Despite his age, he quickly adjusted to his new home and became a beloved family member. When Beth became pregnant, Rocky even participated in her pregnancy photoshoot, showing his excitement for the new addition to the family. As Beth’s pregnancy progressed, Rocky grew more attached to her and stayed by her side. However, shortly after meeting his newborn sister, Rocky passed away at the age of 18. To honor Rocky’s memory, the FAACAC wrote a letter to the Clarks’ daughter, Hazel, telling her about the wonderful and loved dog that briefly overlapped with her life. The Clarks hope their story encourages others to adopt senior dogs.

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