“Feline Resilience: A Moggy’s Adaption to Walking on Two Legs After Surviving an Electric Shock”

'Able' gets around by walking like a T-Rex after his front legs were 'fried off' by loose electric wires. The cat's gait resembles how the dino moves and Able's 'fried off' arms are even similar to the shrunken limbs of the frightening beast 

Able was disfigured after the horrific incident that happened in the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand

The electric shock was so loud that neighbours thought a bomb had gone off. Able was rescued by Walai Sriboonvorakul, who found him lying in an alley 

Able struggled at first but the brave cat has adapted quickly. Not only can he hop around but is able to jump over high walls

Able is now considered part of the Sriboonvorakul  family and is kept inside their two storey home

Meet Able, the cat from Chiang Mai, Thailand who has defied all odds and continues to lead a normal life despite losing his front paws and tail due to electrocution from exposed wires. This unfortunate incident happened when Able was just a year old and left him stranded and unable to move until he was rescued by Walai Sriboonvorakul. After being nursed back to health, Able has adapted to his new way of life and moves around on his hind legs like a T-Rex and hops like a kangaroo. Despite his setbacks, Able has learned impressive skills such as climbing stairs, chasing other cats, and jumping high up walls and ledges.

Able has become a beloved member of the Sriboonvorakul household and is treated with love and care. His favorite activity is to wake up his “big brother” Copter every morning and play games together. Although he faced difficulties initially, Able has shown immense courage and resilience, and his unique way of moving around only adds to his charm. Despite his traumatic experience, Able has made a full recovery and has become a strong and resilient feline who continues to live life to the fullest.

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