Fighting for Her Pups: The Inspiring Tale of a Mama Dog’s Struggle with a Painful Abscess on Her Neck.

There was a poor stray dog who was looking after her little ones while struggling with an awful infection that caused a huge lump to grow on her neck. Luckily, Animal Aid Unlimited in India came to her rescue and discovered that the lump was actually a giant abscess filled with pus.

According to reports, she appeared extremely thin and exhausted, battling the deadly virus while also taking care of small puppies.

With quick action, we were able to rescue her and take her to our medical facility. Her gaze conveyed her faith in us as we carefully eliminated the infected fluid.

Within a few hours of receiving the treatment, she had already started to eat and was on the path to recovery.

Let’s introduce you to Molly, who has now been spayed and vaccinated. She’s keeping herself occupied by taking care of her adorable puppies, whom she’s nursing without any issues after taking a short break.

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