“Forever Home: A Heartwarming Tale of Adopting a Kitten and Her Devoted Cat Mother”

A few months back, a mother cat and her sole offspring were taken to the ASPCA in Los Angeles, with the hope of providing them with a brighter future.

Jan, who is a volunteer at the shelter, decided to provide a home-like environment for the kittens until they found their forever home. Sparrow, a 4-week-old kitten, was particularly close to her caring cat mom, Robin. Jan observed that Robin was very attentive to Sparrow’s needs and seemed accustomed to human interaction. After bringing them out of their carrier, Robin didn’t hesitate to let Jan pet her little one.

The duo ventured out to explore their unfamiliar surroundings but remained within each other’s sight. While Mama Robin sought some affection from her caretaker, Sparrow curiously roamed around, investigating every corner and crevice. Their bond was unique and special as evidenced by the way Robin affectionately communicated with her kitten using sweet coos and chirps.

During Sparrow’s nursing days, Robin had a unique chirpy call that she used to call her kitten for milk time. Sparrow learned to eat bigger meals by following her mom’s example, but still enjoyed snacking on milk throughout the day. According to Jan, Sparrow only stopped nursing from her mother when she was around 6-7 weeks old.

Robin had a fun time teaching her little kitty how to play with toys. They spent their time scampering around the room and playing tag together. Whenever Robin took a break, Sparrow would playfully jump on her and give her a big hug. Despite Sparrow’s mischievous behavior, Mama Robin didn’t mind at all. She would even try to calm her down with a nice bath before they both snuggled up for a nap.

Once, a family stumbled upon Sparrow’s post and instantly fell in love with the charming tabby. They immediately offered to become her foster parents. However, as they dug deeper into Sparrow’s story, they discovered Mama Robin, the feline’s mother. The family couldn’t bear the thought of splitting the two up, so they decided to adopt them both together. After patiently waiting for several weeks in the loving care of their foster family, Robin and her kitten finally got their happy ending.

Just recently, Robin and Sparrow were brought to their permanent home by their new family. Jan expressed her joy, stating that she’s delighted that the two birds will be together and under the care of a kind family.

Sparrow has grown up to look just like her mother, and she loves mimicking her every move around the house. The author expresses that they still feel overjoyed at the end of every foster experience, and they are particularly excited for their current group of babies because they will be able to stay together.

Sparrow and her mother are inseparable!


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