Forgotten and Trapped: The Struggle of a Lonely Dog Surviving 8 Years in Isolation, Longing for a Chance at a New Beginning

My neighbor gave me a call, informing me that her neighboring dog was in urgent need of help. It had been years since she had seen the dog and seemed to have forgotten about it. Upon arriving at the location, we were greeted by a skinny dog named Gina with eyes that seemed to beg us to take her away. She appeared exhausted and weak, and her ears were in such excruciating pain that she couldn’t even open her mouth.

Her name had changed. Following a thorough Gina MRI scan, it was discovered that there was a tumor in her middle ear and she had to modify her living arrangements to cope with the cancer treatment.

I feel like my heart has been shattered into a million fragments, but the doctors are going to help my loved one through therapy. I can’t help but question whether she still has love for others, despite everything she’s been through.

Following the biopsy procedure, I was provided with the results of her tumor and unfortunately it was discovered to be malignant. Despite undergoing injection treatment, the tumor had already metastasized, resulting in a weight loss of 1kg. Determined to do whatever it takes, I made the decision to save her and have scheduled her for surgery within the upcoming days.

The lady underwent chemotherapy treatments every 21 days and noticed a positive change in her physical condition as she gained weight and improved her resistance. Astoundingly, Gina remained with her even after four months, which she considers to be a miracle. Despite being unsure of what the future holds, they cherish every moment spent together and strive to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

Someday, this adorable pup will be in the pink of health and relish many cheerful moments. Till that time arrives, let’s patiently wait and watch her grow stronger.

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