From Abandoned to Adored: The Inspiring Story of a Disabled Dog’s Journey to Finding a Forever Home.

A poor dog named Tintin, who is paralyzed and missing a front leg, was abandoned by his owners not once but twice in a single day. A kind-hearted person found him and brought him back to his family, only for the heartless owners to dump him on the street again a few hours later. Sadly, the whole ordeal was caught on video, showing Tintin being left by a woman and then her husband later on. It’s heartbreaking to see such cruelty towards an innocent animal.

The city of Sao Leopoldo in southern Brazil was the place where he was brutally abandoned. The video capturing the incident was shared on Facebook, and it has received over 220,000 views and numerous comments.

As we observe, a woman behind the wheel of a white car pulls over and unlocks the rear door. Two dogs jump out of the vehicle, but she urges the black one to return to the back seat while pushing the disabled dog away. Tintin appears to follow her as she drives off.

As per the local news, the dog was abandoned two times on the same day after being returned to its family. The woman’s husband moved the dog to another location and left it there after a few hours. The dog has three legs and was fortunately rescued by animal protection agencies in the area.

After the video was shared on various social media platforms, over 30 people came forward to offer their homes and hearts to adopt the dog who was born with certain health issues.

As of now, the authorities in the vicinity are reportedly investigating the deserted animal.

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