From Bali’s streets to silky sheets: the heartwarming story of a rescued dog’s journey to her forever home.

The rescue workers at Bali Paws have been instrumental in rescuing and rehabilitating numerous abused animals. Witnessing these furry creatures flourish in their new, forever homes is the ultimate reward for all the hard work they put in. Recently, one of the team members stumbled upon a tiny pup who had been abandoned and was hiding in a dog house outside a property. The sight of her hairless body shocked even the experienced rescuers. Upon closer inspection, they discovered that the pup was suffering from an acute case of mange, which had caused her to lose all her fur and left her in tremendous discomfort. To make matters worse, she also had an eye infection that needed immediate attention.

According to Desi, a rescue worker, the unfortunate canine spent her entire life confined in a cage and used for breeding. After her captors abandoned her on the street because she was no longer cute and healthy, Desi coaxed her out of hiding and showered her with care and attention. Desi recounted that the dog was very calm when she approached her, suggesting that the dog sensed that Desi would not cause her any harm. The rescue team named the dog Lucy Ray and tended to her medical needs before revealing her true personality. Lucy was described as extremely affectionate and always eager to cuddle. Over the next seven weeks, Lucy blossomed both physically and emotionally as she gained weight, interacted with other dogs, explored the outdoors and finally experienced what it truly means to be a part of a loving home.

Bali Paws did a great job in preparing Lucy Ray for her forever home in Centreville, Virginia, which was all the way across the world. Matt and Brianna were instantly drawn to the adorable pup as soon as they saw her pictures and learned about her story. They fell head over heels in love and knew that she had to be a part of their family. Brianna shared that Lucy Ray bonded with them right away and felt like she belonged to them.

Lucy Ray has become quite the pampered pooch, as evidenced by her social media accounts. She has gone from living on the streets of Bali to resting on luxurious sheets, and she couldn’t be more content. Her owners, Matt and Brianna, are equally as in love with her and do all they can to show her affection. Despite her difficult past, Lucy Ray has a remarkable ability to forgive and move forward, which never ceases to impress her devoted family.

I’m so thrilled with how everything turned out! A big thank you to all the wonderful people who contributed to making this adorable fur family a reality.
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