“From Fear to Hope: A Heartwarming Encounter of a Dog Embracing His Happy Ending”

Sanford, previously known as a “damaged dog,” has been under the loving care of Karen Velazquez and ever since then, he seems to be unable to stop showing his joyous smile. His contagious happiness has warmed the hearts of those who have had the pleasure of meeting him.

Karen, a seasoned dog fosterer who has taken care of more than 50 dogs, claims that Sanford is the happiest dog she has ever met. According to Karen, the way he looks at her is unique and different from any other animal or person. Even her own pets have never looked at her with such affection. Sanford only stops smiling when he is sleeping or eating.

Sanford’s journey to happiness was not an easy one. He was rescued by animal control after being hit by a car and left him immobile. The rescuers also found a gunshot wound on his right rear leg. However, things took a turn for the worse when Sanford was taken to a small municipal shelter in Dallas, Texas, where he failed to receive the necessary medical attention due to limited resources.

Thankfully, a kind-hearted individual from Dallas DogRRR took notice of Sanford’s desperate circumstances and intervened. According to Kerry Anechiarico, the executive director of Dallas DogRRR, Sanford was in a physically broken state and had lost all sense of hope, seemingly waiting for the moment when he could surrender. But things took a turn for the better once Sanford was placed in foster care under the care of Karen Velazquez.

Sanford came to Karen’s house on May 1, shortly after his hospital discharge. His mood has been consistently cheerful ever since. Karen thinks that Sanford felt safe and loved the moment he stepped into her house. He is now fondly referred to as “Sanfee.” Sanford spends his days relishing delicious home-cooked food, taking daily strolls, and playing with Karen’s other canines. Despite being a decade old, Sanford challenges his age.

According to Anechiarico, Sanford is no different from any other senior dog despite his age of 10 years. He describes him as resembling an elderly person in a nursing home who acts younger than his actual age. Although he is happy in his foster home, everyone hopes that he will soon find his forever home. Anechiarico believes that Sanford would be an excellent family dog as he gets along well with other dogs, people, and children too. He also adds that Sanford would make a perfect companion to come home to, happily wagging his tail and keeping his owners company throughout the day. All in all, Sanford is a dog filled with boundless joy.

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