From “Ugly” to Adorable: How One Dog’s Inner Beauty Won Hearts and Went Viral

It’s really disappointing how some people resort to using negative labels to criticize others. It’s not fair to judge someone based on their physical appearance, and this applies to all living beings – humans and animals alike. We should all strive to be kind and understanding towards everyone around us, regardless of how they look.

It is important to accept and appreciate all living beings, regardless of their unique characteristics. Unfortunately, some individuals struggle with this concept and are fixated on judging appearances in certain situations, even though it is beyond the individual’s control. The case of Alan, a one-year-old boxer and mixed breed with a bent nose towards the right when he closes his nostrils due to a genetic condition, is a good example. Alan was discovered abandoned in Doha, Qatar, and rescued by Johanna Handley, a 41-year-old resident of Godalming, England, who took him in as her own.

Johanna defends her dog, Alan, as the loveliest and truly unique despite what others may say about him. To combat negative comments about Alan’s appearance, Johanna created a social media account that received amazing results.

Johanna decided to up the ante by creating a social media account for her pet dog, which she named Alan the Wonky Dog. The name literally means “Alan, the dog with a crooked face.” She did this to directly respond to people who criticize her furry friend. Apparently, Johanna has received a lot of negative comments about Alan’s appearance. Some have even offered to pay for his surgery, but Johanna has declined the offers. Despite the criticism, Alan has become a social media sensation with over 141,000 followers and a million likes on his posts.

Johanna aims to showcase the true inner beauty of her dog despite its physical appearance. She advocates for the adoption of rescued dogs with special needs and believes that they too deserve a life filled with love and care. When Johanna consulted a veterinarian regarding her pet’s potential respiratory problems, she discovered that he was entirely healthy. Despite the possibility of surgery to fix his nose and jaw, Johanna decided against it as it would cause her furry friend unbearable pain. Additionally, Johanna invites everyone to attend the Paw of Live Event where they can meet Alan, Lexi, Joker, Wayne, Ryan, Dengosa, and their humans.


The song “I Love You Baby” by Emilee perfectly sums up the love and devotion that Johana has for her furry companion. Despite facing numerous attacks, Johana has shown remarkable courage and affection towards her pet. Her social media posts have garnered much praise and admiration from her followers who are in awe of her love for her four-legged friend.
Johana expressed how much her pet is loved by everyone. She feels a sense of relief knowing that she was able to save him and that he remains an integral part of her family.

Alan’s story is incredibly touching. We can show our support for his mother’s efforts to find homes for these unique puppies by spreading the word. Let’s share his story far and wide.

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