“Golden Retriever’s Loyal Act: Shielding a Tearful Girl from Her Mother’s Rebuke”

Watch this touching clip where a golden retriever comes to the rescue of his best friend, a young girl, as she undergoes a scolding from her mother. The two friends have grown up together and developed a strong connection. The footage was captured by Ms. Sun, who is both the parent and the filmmaker. She became upset after discovering that her newly-purchased face cream had been torn open and used as a plaything.

“I was genuinely disappointed as I had just purchased the cream and a significant amount of it had already been used,” shared Ms Sun, a 32-year-old woman who spoke to MailOnline. “My child became upset as I raised my voice harshly towards her.” As a result, Harry intervened to protect the crying girl from her mother.

In an attempt to get Ms. Sun to back off, Harry seemed to snarl at her, which she found both funny and shocking. However, her anger quickly dissipated once Harry intervened.

Harry attempted to console the weeping young child by putting his arm around her. Ms. Sun shared that, although she was still upset, she also found it amusing. She described the experience as touching and suggested that dogs would surely display their affection if treated well.

It seems like Harry has been a protective friend to his little buddy before. The mother mentioned that whenever they would speak to the child in a stern manner, Harry would step in and use his paws in an effort to defend them. She also emphasized that Harry would go so far as to put his own life on the line to ensure the safety of the child.

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