“Goldendoodle’s Heroic Rescue: Baby Fawn Pulled from Water and Nursed Back to Health”

It’s not just caped crusaders who can save the day, as proven by the heroics of Harley the Goldendoodle from Virginia. In 2021, this six-year-old pup made headlines worldwide when he was spotted by his owner Ralph Dorn, paddling about 200 feet from shore with an unknown animal for a very selfless reason. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that Harley wasn’t just casually swimming – he was on a rescue mission! Without hesitation, Harley sprang into action and proved that heroes come in all shapes and sizes – and sometimes all they need is a smile.

Goldendoodle named Harley rescues baby fawn from drowning in Virginia lake  | Daily Mail Online

Ralph Dorn, a resident of Virginia, always knew that his beloved Goldendoodle, Harley, was an exceptional dog. Not only was he intuitive and intelligent, but also a good boy. Recently, Harley’s heroic rescue of a baby fawn from drowning proved just how extraordinary he is. According to Ralph, Harley spotted the fawn struggling in the water and immediately sprang into action without hesitation or prompting. He swam towards the helpless fawn, which was about 200 feet away from the shore, and managed to help it reach safety. The remarkable bond between Harley and his hooman Ralph has been strengthened by this awe-inspiring act of bravery.

godlendoodle helping baby fawn

Assisting a few-day-old fawn was no easy feat for Harley, who had to lead it towards the shore since the little one was unsteady on its feet and unfamiliar with the surroundings. Nevertheless, Harley swam like a pro and kept guiding the fawn back towards the shoreline whenever it tried to stray away. The two gradually came closer and closer, thanks to Harley’s unwavering persistence, as noted by Ralph. A heartwarming moment was captured as Harley helped his newest friend reach safety.

photo of dog harley and baby fawn in water

It is certain that without Harley’s help, the baby fawn would not have survived. Fortunately, this Golden Retriever brought the fawn to the shore and cared for it by licking its body. The two were captured lying on the grass in a heartwarming photo.

harley the dog and baby fawn on grass

Ralph noticed a baby fawn on his lawn and became concerned about its safety. He and his dog, Harley, approached the fawn to ensure it was okay. However, the fawn’s mother arrived shortly after the rescue, so Ralph and Harley retreated indoors to let the baby and mom reunite in peace. This encounter led to a heartwarming friendship between Harley and the baby fawn.

dog harley sniffing baby fawn

Ralph was surprised when Harley, his Golden retriever, approached him the next morning while he was having coffee with his wife, Patricia. The dog seemed restless and kept running from one window to another, indicating that he wanted to go out. Perplexed, Ralph opened the front door for Harley, only to be amazed by what he saw next. A baby fawn was standing right outside, and the two animals were bonding in the woods. It was a sight to behold, and Ralph could not help but feel touched by the unexpected encounter.

photo of baby fawn and dog harley in woods

Rewritten: Harley, the certified therapy dog, once again showed his empathetic nature and heroic instincts when he found the same fawn he saved from a lake the day before, bleating nearby. He dashed to the baby deer, and as soon as they met, the fawn stopped crying. The two precious beings shared some adorable moments, sniffed each other, and wagged their tails together before parting ways. Harley’s innate ability to help others is not a surprise, as he has been helping the elderly and children in his local community before his heroic rescue. Harley is known for his impeccable character, ever-ready to lend a paw to those in need- he is the pawfect Goldendoodle!

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