Heartless Act: Abandoned Dog Tied to a Tree and Left to Die, Highlighting the Need for Compassion in Society

Once Daisy, the hunting dog, was deemed useless by her owner, she was left to survive on her own. In a perilous area of the city, she managed to keep herself alive with meager amounts of food.

Daisy, a helpless dog, was callously tied to a tree by a resident who saw her as a nuisance in the area. She remained stranded there for more than 24 hours before someone called DAR Animal Rescue for assistance. When rescuer Ermioni arrived, Daisy was completely disoriented due to fear, starvation, and isolation.

Initially, Daisy was afraid that she would be hurt when Ermioni approached her. Despite nobody else stepping up to help her, Ermioni managed to get close to her. However, Daisy’s eyes filled with terror as Ermioni came closer. When Ermioni finally secured the dog, she realized that Daisy was in a severe state of fear, with her heart beating rapidly. She tried to comfort and embrace the pet as much as possible.

Ermioni was able to quickly free Daisy from the ropes and pick her up. She was appalled at how the surrounding residents were indifferent to Daisy’s plight, staring vacantly instead of showing concern. Although the residents gave Ermioni strange looks, they didn’t even bother to ask if Daisy was okay.

Regrettably, when Daisy visited the veterinarian, her health was in a poor state. She displayed signs of low blood pressure, high white cell count, and diarrhea due to the recent trauma she experienced. However, with proper treatment and care, Daisy’s health quickly improved, allowing her to start anew at the shelter within a few days.

Despite her physical improvement, the emotional scars of her past still lingered, causing Daisy to isolate herself from both humans and other animals. Witnessing other dogs playing only reminded her of the emptiness she felt inside. It would take some time before she could fully recover mentally.

But the shelter staff showed incredible patience and understanding towards Daisy, allowing her to heal at her own pace. Over time, she gradually became less afraid and timid, even managing to wag her tail faintly. Eventually, she realized that she was safe and loved, and eagerly embraced her second chance at life.

Currently, the German dog is residing in her permanent abode, feeling at ease and fulfilled. She takes pleasure in spending time with her human family as well as her other furry companions, displaying her joy through her cheerful grins. It would be great if those individuals from the locality where she was once restrained could witness how contented she is now, and maybe become more compassionate towards stray animals moving forward.

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