Heartrending: Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Mother’s Side Even in Death, a Touching Tribute

On a fateful day in June 2012, a dog kept vigil next to her mother’s battered body, which was almost destroyed. The mother dog had been caught up in a riot that took place in Kyaukphyu, Myanmar’s East of Pikesake area and sadly lost her life. A Reuters reporter captured this heartbreaking moment in a photograph.


The photographer shared a poignant moment captured in a photograph and recounted how it came to be. While exploring the charred remains of a village, they stumbled upon a heartwarming sight that moved them deeply. Observing a small dog with empathy, they took out their camera and began to capture the moment.


When I was facing a situation where I had to leave, I made plans to bring along a little dog who was in need of a home. It seemed like no one wanted to adopt him, but luckily a kind-hearted man stepped in and took him in. However, due to financial constraints, both the man and I decided to send the pup to a communal house in the village. I’m grateful for this outcome and I promise to visit the furry friend whenever I can.
The photo of the little dog with his new owner went viral on social media as people from all over the world shared and commented on this heartwarming story. It’s amazing how the love between animals can touch so many hearts and move us to tears.

As soon as the picture hit the internet, people from all around the globe quickly commented on it and shared it across various social media platforms. It’s amazing how a simple display of animal affection can tug at our heartstrings and leave us teary-eyed. Whether it’s a timeless tale or a recent occurrence, the images that capture its essence continue to circulate online and touch the hearts of netizens everywhere.

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