Helping ailing feline friends find comfort in various home remedies

This feline is one of dozens of roaming animals that rely on the food humans give them at the feeding areas. However, people around here said that it had stopped eating for the past few days and had begun to show signs of vomiting and convulsions. They thought the cat might have some kind of virus and this could harm other organisms.

He stole from me where he was mousing. After seeing the condition of the cat’s bad wound, I immediately caught it with an animal-catching net. I then brought it back to the rescue and rehabilitation center alone in an empty room for observation. At first, he was extremely frightened and tried to escape towards the window but failed. The cat was injured, had diarrhea, and secreted discharge, indicating a lingering illness.

He had issues with the flu and other dental problems. Additionally, he suffered terrible pain from an ear infection, with an ear filled with pus and dirt. We started treating his teeth, cleaning and repairing the damaged teeth. After that, the cat is taken to be cleaned and its fur is dried. Look at the beautiful appearance of the little angel after bathing.

He was also administered anti-inflammatory medication to have relief from his ear and injected with it. The doctor allowed him to take home some medicine and come back for checkups twice a week. Today, after 22 days of treatment and living at the rescue center, the cat is healthy and ready to return to the environment again.

When we first met, the place where we met, the atmosphere was familiar and began to feel at ease. He eventually ran away and left under a car. It looked at us intensely as if to say thank you before the cat actually left. Goodbye ginger-haired guy, live well and take care.

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