Introducing Cheeky Rascal Wild: The Playful Cat who Found His Forever Home and Spreads Joy and Laughter Every Day.

It’s common for many cats to start their lives on a difficult note, and unfortunately, not all of them get a happy ending. Rascal Wild, a tuxedo cat from Washington state, had a rough start in life. He was discovered near a busy road as a stray and struggled to find a permanent home due to his energetic behavior. According to his owners, the area where he was found was not suitable for a cat due to multiple lanes of busy traffic, train tracks, and a cemetery. It’s possible that Rascal was abandoned due to his large size and wild personality, or maybe he was looking for love in the wrong places because he wasn’t neutered. When he arrived at the shelter, he was described as lively, energetic, playful, and unaware that hands are not toys. A picture of the place where Rascal was found shows clearly that it was an unsafe environment for a cat.

Jim and Cerise exhibited kindness when they decided to provide a home for an energetic cat after hearing about his story. Although he wasn’t the most affectionate or snuggly feline, they immediately felt a connection with him upon seeing his picture. Despite his idiosyncrasies, they embraced his uniqueness and believed that he belonged with them. Together, they established a social media profile for their charming new companion and have since garnered an impressive following of over 30k fans. Their pet’s online bio describes him as a handsome cat residing in Seattle who utilizes his belly to win over people. Additionally, he proudly serves as a role model to @poly_dumplings, his younger sibling.

I recently had a chat with Rascal’s owners, and boy did I learn some interesting tidbits about this lively cat! Rascal is not your average feline, but a playful prankster at heart. He loves to lure unsuspecting humans in for a belly rub, only to surprise them with a pounce. In fact, he’s so good at it that he’s earned the clever nickname “it’s a trap”. This mischievous kitty is a pro at using his irresistible charm to trap humans. Keep reading to find out more about Rascal!

When did Rascal join your family? Well, our beloved feline friend was found roaming the streets looking rather shabby and without having been sterilized. He was taken to a shelter where they estimated he was around two years old, but we can’t really say for sure if he was younger or older at that time. Now, after being with us for five years, Rascal is a calm and well-behaved cat who has become a seasoned seven-year-old member of our household.

It’s amazing how well Rascal’s name fits him! When you brought him home, what was his original name and how did you come up with his current name?
“We decided to stick with Rascal from the shelter because it just felt right. Changing it didn’t even cross our minds!” Sign up now to receive exclusive content like informative articles, helpful guides, product reviews, fun cat facts, and much more.

Take a look at this endearing sight of a 2-year-old feline, @poly_dumplings, hanging out with his kitty buddy and requesting some chicken. As per the owner, they were a bit hesitant about adopting kittens and introduced them slowly to avoid any clashes. Initially, @poly_dumplings would growl and hiss at the newcomers, and it took six weeks for them to meet face to face. However, things changed soon after, and now they have developed an unbreakable bond. The kittens have become his personal groomers and playmates, where Gyoza tussles with him, while tiny Gnocchi chases him around. They integrate well into the family, and they make quite a spectacular sight together!

Do you have any interesting stories to tell about him? Although he can be wary of others, once he grows to trust you, he is incredibly affectionate. Despite his wild tendencies, he has a soft side that is full of sweetness and his purr is so calmingly huge.

There is a popular belief that tuxedo cats possess a unique cattitude. However, when it comes to Rascal’s feline personality, he exceeds the scale of 1 to 10 and deserves a solid 12! Upon his arrival, he was full of vigor and enjoyed pouncing and biting. Nevertheless, nowadays, Rascal prefers being groomed and cuddled, but he still gets overstimulated occasionally and may bite to indicate that he requires some alone time. In general, Rascal’s cattitude is one-of-a-kind and constantly keeps us alert!

Meet Rascal, the big boy weighing a whopping 20 lbs! As expected, tuxedo cats are known to be on the larger side, but that doesn’t make Rascal any less adorable. His hilarious antics are something else, and you can keep up with them by following him on Instagram. In one snapshot, he’s trying to manipulate his humans into giving him a belly rub, but they’re wise to his game as his killer claws tend to come out. The funniest part is my own tuxie does this too!

Do you know someone who loves tuxedo cats? Well, let me share with you Rascal’s incredible story that will surely warm their hearts. I would like to thank Jim and Cerise, Rascal’s caring owners, for allowing me to share his story. I hope you enjoyed reading about Rascal’s journey as much as I did writing about it.
Moreover, don’t miss the chance to meet Rascal’s fellow feline housemates known as Poly Dumplings (or Gyoza and Gnocchi). These two charming polydactyl cats will surely melt your heart with their irresistible cuteness!

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