“Introducing Instagram’s Latest Feline Star: Pompous Albert – The Cat Sporting a Permanent Scowl and an Eerily Similar Appearance to Einstein”

Introducing the Selkirk Rex cat, Pompous Albert, with his unruly grey fur and unchanging scowl. This feline is affectionately named after the renowned physicist Albert Einstein, due to his wild mane. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Pompous Albert has amassed a significant following on Instagram, boasting 44.1K avid fans. His owners regularly upload images of him displaying his distinct and peculiar persona. Watch out Grumpy Cat, there’s a new crabby kitty making waves in the neighborhood!

Albert is from Salt Lake City and is a constant source of entertainment to his 44.1k Instagram followers

Albert is a social media sensation who originates from Salt Lake City and never fails to captivate his impressive 44.1k followers on Instagram.

The cat is seen glaring directly into the camera

Albert Einstein was the source of inspiration for the cat due to sharing the same hair

Meet Albert, a charming feline with curly white-grey fur, who was aptly named after the renowned physician Albert Einstein. His owners, Mike and Susan Singleton, hail from Salt Lake City, USA and manage Albert’s Instagram account. The social media page showcases multiple pictures of Albert displaying a range of emotions, often wearing a disapproving feline expression. Despite being rejected as a show cat, Albert’s bio confidently states, “I’ll show them.” Accompanying each photo is a witty caption that adds a touch of dark humor to the fluffy cat’s persona. For example, one image has him gazing fiercely into the camera with the caption, “I’m not grumpy or angry, I’m just more intelligent and better looking than you.” Similarly, another photo reads, “Albert’s Office Tip: This is how you look at a boss who wants you to work overtime.” Following in the footsteps of Grumpy Cat, another feline with a permanently moody expression owing to dwarfism, Albert has captured the hearts of social media users worldwide.

Albert is a breed of Selkirk Rex, known for their wild, curly hair - but not usually for their angered appareances

Meet Albert, a Selkirk Rex breed known for their wild and curly fur. Despite their unique appearance, these cats are not typically known for their aggressive behavior.

No matter what angle Albert is pictured from, his moody disposition stays the same

No matter how you look at it, Albert’s expression always appears gloomy.

Albert's owners, Mike and Susan Singleton, show a dramatic contrast in mood, compared to their very own 'grumpy cat'

Mike and Susan Singleton, the proud owners of Albert the cat, have a completely different temperament compared to their feline companion who is infamously known as the ‘grumpy cat.’ We stumbled upon a picture of Albert digging through trash while giving a defiant stare directly into the camera. In another snapshot, he can be seen menacingly glaring with his paw resting on his toy cat’s tail. Although his demeanor might be unpleasant, many people adore Albert for his fluffy poodle-like fur, which has made him quite popular on social media. Despite being depicted as emanating “pure unbridled hate” and compared to a villain from Disney movies, Albert’s fans find his scowl quite endearing and even appreciate his “b**** resting face.”

Caught rummaging through the bin, Albert still stares defiantly at his owner

Albert, despite being caught red-handed digging through the garbage, maintains an unwavering sense of defiance as he locks eyes with his owner.

When sat with other cats, Albert's grumpy disposition is really emphasised

Albert constantly maintains his look of anger and disapproval

Albert never seems to crack a smile, even when surrounded by fellow feline friends or simply lazing about without a care in the world. His face is perpetually set in a scowl of disapproval.

Albert is pictured with a sinister paw on the tail of a toy mouse, with the same angered look on his face

Meet Pompous Albert, the feline celebrity with a whopping 44.1K followers on Instagram. In one of his latest photos, he can be seen with his paw on a toy mouse tail, looking extremely displeased. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or leave a comment below!

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