Introducing the Enchanting Vampire Feline: A Fusion of Bat and Panther with a Gentle Demeanor.

This unique and exceptional type of cat comes from the Siamese lineage. While they have a striking appearance, they are also incredibly gentle and affectionate creatures that pose no threat to anyone. They thrive on being close with their owners and are renowned for being excellent snuggle partners. In an unexpected turn of events, they even enjoy playing fetch with their human counterparts!

The breed's unique look gets them lots of attention with many people saying that they look more like bats

The Oriental Shorthair cat is a popular breed among pet enthusiasts due to their striking appearance, often described as a combination of a panther and bat. However, it is essential to note that their unique look does not match their affectionate and calm nature. Tuomas Ikonen, an illustrator hailing from Lemi, Finland, owns three Oriental Shorthairs named Toivo, Hugo, and Hannu, who are gentle and cuddly pets despite their vampire-like appearance. Although Toivo stands out because of his panther and bat-like features, he is a harmless pet who enjoys being carried around by Tuomas’ daughter. Meanwhile, Hugo is a peaceful cat who loves indulging in food and sleeping by the fireplace.

Toivo is sweet natured and playful, says his owner

As per Tuomas, his feline companion Toivo is a gentle and loving cat who enjoys playing around. Although he might not be as energetic as he used to be, Toivo doesn’t mind joining in with the younger cats’ playful antics. He finds pleasure in observing birds and squirrels from the window and adores playing with his toy mouse, which he typically drops into water cups or drinking glasses. Toivo also loves to watch bird-themed videos on YouTube. In contrast, Hannu, Tuomas’ other cat, has a naughty side to him and enjoys playing fetch with toys. He’s known for snatching his daughter’s stuffed toys when she’s not around, and he has a voracious appetite.

The breed is becoming more and more popular

Meowrientals is an Instagram account that showcases three tabby cats of the Oriental Shorthair breed. This account has gained a strong following with almost 20,000 followers due to its candid photos of the cats’ daily lives. Oriental Shorthairs may look intimidating, but in fact, they are social, intelligent, and great communicators. They have a playful nature and even enjoy playing fetch with their owners. Originally from Thailand, these cats share a close relationship with Siamese cats. However, they were bred in the US by New York cat breeders who found the lynx pattern on Siamese cats fascinating. According to the owner of the Meowrientals account, Tuomas, these cats are active participants in everything he and his family do. They follow him and his family everywhere, love to watch them cook, and can often be found snoozing on their bed.

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