Left in a State of Misery and Fear, He Clings to Hope for a Better Tomorrow.

Isumu, a poor dog, was sadly deprived of love for his whole life. He was left stranded near a shelter with no one to care for him. It was a heartbreaking sight to see him struggle to survive on the roadside. The shackles that had bound him left a broad mark around his neck, and blood stained his fur. His nails were overgrown and caused him immense pain whenever he moved. The poor creature’s body was riddled with rabies-inflicted wounds, and his scent was that of rotten meat, which made it difficult for anyone to come near him.

Despite the immense pain and struggles that Isumu was enduring, his eyes had a glimmer of vitality left in them. He remained capable of feeling emotions such as fear, humility, and optimism. He fervently beseeched God for assistance and rescue from his distressing circumstances.

A volunteer discovered Isumu at the shelter, and luckily he was taken in for medical attention and given a cozy bed to rest in. After a thorough cleaning and care for his wounds, he was offered food and drink, and for the first time in a while, he felt a sense of compassion and affection. As the days passed, Isumu slowly got better, with his injuries healing, fur growing back, and sweet demeanor returning. With each day, Isumu appeared more content and pleased, no longer reeking of decaying flesh and instead shining with happiness.

On the 80th day, a wonderful family visited the shelter with the intention of adopting a furry companion. As soon as they laid eyes on Isumu, it was apparent that they were smitten with him and couldn’t resist his adorable nature.

As they looked at him, they sensed a strong and unwavering spirit that lay beneath his rugged exterior. Convinced that he was the perfect fit, they took Isumu home and welcomed him with open arms, showering him with affection and care.

Gone are the days of silently enduring his pain or waiting for a savior. At last, he has found a place to call home and a family that embraces him without any conditions.

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