Lone Senior Canine Wandering the Roads for a Decade Battling a Massive Growth, Agony and Disillusionment with Humanity, Yet Left to Suffer in Solitude.

A dog in a dire situation was found on the roadside, unable to move due to a large tumor weighing down his stomach. Leaving him there was not an option, so a non-profit organization called “Helen Summerfield-Brown” that focuses on rescuing stray and abandoned animals stepped in to help. They quickly had him taken to a hospital where he received necessary medical attention. The dog’s condition was severe, and he wasn’t able to eat, which suggested that the tumor was causing significant harm to his health.

After arriving safely, Midnight was subjected to a series of tests including blood tests, X-rays, and ultrasound by the veterinarians. The results were rather disappointing as he was found to have hookworms, anemia, and poor nutritional status. To make matters worse, his blood platelet count was alarmingly low, rendering him unfit for surgery to remove his malignant tumor which is growing rapidly. The veterinarians are working round the clock to determine when Midnight can have surgery. Despite his health challenges, Midnight remains a special dog whose charm has endeared him to everyone who meets him.

The operation performed on Midnight turned out to be a success. The tumor, that was discovered to be a testicular tumor, was removed and it weighed around 4.85 pounds, which was quite huge. After the surgery, Midnight managed to take a few steps which made everyone proud. The Veterinarian expressed their happiness as the tumor had been quite a burden on Midnight’s feeble body, and they were glad that it was finally gone.

“We love this young lad so much that we shall exert all our efforts to assist him in any way possible.”

Midnight’s condition is on the upswing, and he will soon be available for adoption in the upcoming days.

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