“Lucky Feline Escapes Mishap After Being Trapped in Rubbish Bin for 45 Minutes”

A daring feline found herself in a smelly predicament when she got trapped inside a skip bin. Fortunately, firefighters came to the rescue and freed her from the dumpster. The tabby cat was discovered near a factory in Cheltenham, located in southern Melbourne. A concerned passerby heard her cries for help around 11:30 in the morning, prompting them to contact the authorities.

A group of firefighters from the Highett fire station were dispatched to rescue a kitten that got trapped in a skip bin near a factory in Melbourne. To soothe the feline, they covered her with a blanket that had paw prints. The kitten seemed to be in good shape after the ordeal, and animal welfare personnel are attempting to determine whether she is a stray or someone’s pet.

The firefighters used an angle grinder and battery-powered spreading tool to pry open the steel drain hole in order to rescue the trapped cat. It took them roughly 45 minutes of careful efforts, but eventually the cat was freed. Animal welfare specialists were present at the scene and they took care of the cat after it was rescued.

Despite the difficult situation, the little kitten seemed to be in good shape, and the animal welfare team is now working to determine whether she is a stray or someone’s pet. There is no information available on how long the cat may have been trapped before being rescued. The firefighters took great care in their rescue efforts, starting by placing a soft blanket over the kitten to help soothe her before using specialized equipment like an angle grinder and battery-powered spreader to carefully cut open the bin.

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