“Meet iilla: The Mischievous Feline Who Found His Forever Home and Became the Life of the Party”

It’s not uncommon for cats to start their lives in a difficult situation, and unfortunately, not all of them have a happy ending. Rascal Wild, a tuxedo cat from Washington state, had a challenging beginning. He was found as a stray near a busy road and struggled to find a permanent home due to his energetic behavior. His owners say that where he was found was not an ideal place for a cat with a multi-lane busy road, train tracks, and a cemetery nearby. It’s possible that Rascal was abandoned because of his size and wild personality or because he wasn’t neutered and was searching for love in the wrong places. When he was taken to the shelter, he was described as mischievous, feisty, energetic, and unaware that hands are not toys. This photo of where he was found shows that it wasn’t a safe environment for a cat.

Jim and Cerise showed immense compassion by giving a spirited cat a home after hearing about his journey. Despite his lack of cuddliness and warmth, they immediately felt a connection upon seeing his photo and decided to welcome him into their family. Even though he had his peculiarities, they embraced them all and believed that he was meant to be with them. They even went the extra mile by creating a social media account for their handsome new pet, which has now attracted over 30,000 followers. In his bio, their cat is described as a charming, good-looking feline residing in Seattle who loves to use his belly to win people over. Additionally, he takes pride in being an elder brother to @poly_dumplings.

I had a delightful conversation with the owners of Rascal and gained some valuable insights into this energetic cat’s personality. As it turns out, Rascal isn’t your typical feline – he’s a mischievous little prankster at heart. With his expert ability to lure you in for a belly rub, only to pounce and catch you off guard, he’s earned himself the clever nickname “it’s a trap”. It seems that Rascal is a master at trapping unsuspecting humans with his irresistible charm. Keep reading to learn more about this playful kitty!

When did you first welcome Rascal into your home? Well, Rascal was a scruffy and unsterilized tomcat when he was found wandering the streets. He was then taken to a shelter where they estimated his age to be around two years old. However, it’s unclear if he was really that age. Currently, Rascal is a calm and well-behaved feline who has been with his family for five years, which means he’s now a seasoned seven-year-old.

It’s amazing how well his name fits him! When you adopted him, what was his initial name and how did you settle on his current name?
“We decided to keep Rascal as his name from the shelter because it was such a great fit for him. We never even thought about changing it!” Sign up now to receive exclusive content like articles, guides, reviews, fun cat facts, and more.

Take a look at this super cute moment featuring a 2-year-old cat called @poly_dumplings hanging out with his feline friend while requesting some chicken. The owner reports that they were a little hesitant when adopting the kittens and so introduced them slowly to prevent any conflicts. In the beginning, @poly_dumplings growled and hissed at his new housemates, and it took six weeks before they met face-to-face. However, everything changed soon after, and now they are inseparable. The kittens have become his personal playmates and groomers, with Gyoza being a little rough while tiny Gnocchi chases him around. They fit perfectly into the family, and they all look amazing together as well!

Do you have any interesting anecdotes about him? While he may not readily trust others, once he does, his love knows no limits. Despite his untamed demeanor, he has a warm and kind persona that emanates tenderness. Plus, we can’t overlook his enormous and calming purr.

According to popular belief, tuxedo cats are known for their unique personalities. However, when it comes to Rascal, where exactly does he fall on the feline personality scale? To put it simply, I would say he exceeds a 10 and hits a solid 12! When we first brought him home, he was full of energy and loved to pounce and playfully bite. Nowadays, he prefers to be groomed and showered with affection, but there are still moments where he can become overstimulated and may nip as a way of telling us to back off. All in all, Rascal’s cattitude is completely distinctive and always keeps us guessing!

Rascal, my adorable tuxedo cat, is a true heavyweight champion tipping the scales at a whopping 20 lbs! But that’s no shocker as many tuxedo cats are known for their large size. I absolutely adore Rascal and his funny shenanigans that always keep me entertained. You can even follow him yourself on Instagram to stay updated on all his latest antics! One photo that had me laughing out loud shows Rascal trying to fool his humans into giving him a belly rub, but they aren’t falling for it because they know his murder mittens might make an appearance. It’s hilarious because my own tuxedo cat does the exact same thing!

Do you know someone who loves tuxedo cats? Why not share Rascal’s incredible journey with them? I want to express my gratitude to Jim and Cerise, Rascal’s owners, for allowing me to share his story with all of you. I hope you enjoyed reading about Rascal’s adventures as much as I did.
Furthermore, if you can’t resist cute cats, you should check out Rascal’s housemates, Poly Dumplings – also known as Gyoza and Gnocchi. These two darling polydactyl felines are guaranteed to steal your heart.

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