Meet Potato, the Cute and Brave Cat Without Ears Who Captivated Social Media with His Tale of Rescue.

Pictures of potato the adorable earless cat

Introducing Potato, a cat who was saved from the streets of China along with his friend Horlick by Carl Leong and his wife. After Horlick was adopted, Potato remained in the shelter until it was discovered that he had tumours in his ears, requiring surgery to remove them. The couple decided to foster Potato, as his previous owner had passed away, leaving him and other street cats to fend for themselves. Despite the challenges he faced, Potato now lives a happy life with his caring foster family.

Potato the adorable earless cat

Do you notice any differences between these two cat photos? The feline pictured in the first photo has a medical condition called ceruminous adenoma, which is a type of tumor that grows within the ear. If left untreated, this condition can cause a variety of issues such as hearing loss, tinnitus, and pain. Thankfully, the cat underwent a successful three-hour surgery to have his ears removed, which allowed him to maintain his hearing ability. However, the tumor returned even worse than before in November 2019, prompting a consultation with the veterinarian. In order to prevent further suffering caused by external wounds and bleeding due to frequent ear scratching, as well as inflammation in the ear canals, it was decided that the best course of action was to remove the ear flaps and ear canals entirely. Despite the benign nature of the tumor, the cat, affectionately named Potato, was still experiencing discomfort. Following the successful procedure, Potato made a full recovery and was even adopted into his forever home.

Potato the adorable earless cat

This piece of writing is about a feline named Potato who needed to have surgery because of an infection in his ear. Fortunately, the stitches from his surgery healed within two weeks, and he now resides happily in his forever home. Furthermore, Potato and his sibling have risen to fame on Instagram under the moniker @no_ear_meow_potato, with a staggering 17,500 followers who can’t get enough of their cute photos. Even though Potato’s hearing has been compromised, he remains responsive and has not demonstrated any visible side effects. Despite boasting a rough exterior during his time as a stray, he is actually an adorable cat who enjoys playing and socializing with others.

Potato the adorable earless cat

At first, he was shy, but over time he blossomed into a more vibrant and captivating personality. According to mediadrumimages/CarlLeong/@no_ea, he possesses a distinctive allure that exudes positivity on Instagram. Essentially, social media platforms should promote happiness and enjoyment. Along with his spouse, they advocate for others to adopt pets instead of buying animals, particularly since his breed is the most commonly found stray cat in Hong Kong.

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