Messi’s Beloved Companion: Hulk, A Gift of Love from His Wife, Holds a Special Place in Their Family

After his joyous experience at the Qatar World Cup, Messi will no doubt return home to give his faithful 6-year-old dog, Hulk, a big hug. The canine companion has been a constant source of unconditional friendship for the soccer star.

Antonela Roccuzzo has been with Argentine footballer Lionel Messi since before he became famous. They now have a beautiful family of three children named Mateo, Ciro, and Thiago. However, there is also a beloved furry member of the family – Hulk the giant Dogue de Bordeaux dog, who weighs over 50 kilos. Antonela not only gave Messi three healthy and beautiful children, but she also gifted him with Hulk, a cherished puppy for the whole family.

Hulk, the dog Antonela gave Messi, is the most pampered member of the family. His debut, as an adorable chubby dog with stunning emerald eyes, was announced on Messi’s Instagram in January 2016. Messi smiles while holding him in his arms and praises his beloved wife for the gift.

I have a new addition to my family! On Instagram, I expressed my gratitude to my loved ones for this beautiful gift. The name of my new pet is Hulk, and he certainly lives up to his name; he’s a 6-year-old dog that is both massive and incredibly strong. As a result, I must ensure that Hulk is fed a proper diet and exercised regularly. – Messi

Before the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Messi and his family were anxious about their dog who had stayed in Barcelona for veterinary treatment instead of flying with them. Taking time and paying the price is worth it to experience the origin of this pleasure. The price and pleasure of archery come from understanding its roots.

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