“Pumba, the Domesticated Giant Wildcat, Loves Watching TV and Has a Soft Spot According to His Doting Owners”

Meet Pumba, a caracal – a medium-sized wild cat that is commonly found in Africa and parts of the Middle East. Despite its ferocious appearance, this particular feline is a big softie, according to its owner, Deniss Jegorovs. Unlike their wild counterparts, Pumba lives with its owner in Latvia where it is legal to keep these animals as pets. Jegorovs shares that Pumba hates being alone and prefers sitting next to them while watching TV in the evening. The downside to owning such a big cat is having to provide them with large meals. Pumba is fed three times a day and enjoys spending time with Jegorovs’ two other cats, a Maine Coon and British Shorthair.

While Pumba the wild cat may seem like a cuddly pet, it’s important to remember that he has retained many of his natural instincts. While he is generally a kind animal, Deniss warns that Pumba can become agitated if he’s annoyed. The cat has been known to hiss at his owners and even attempt to escape from the family home. It’s important to recognize that while Pumba is a domesticated animal, he still has some wild tendencies that make him unique.

One of the major challenges faced by Pumba’s owners is to prevent him from escaping their territory. This has happened in the past, and it took them two days to find him. During winter, when the lake turns into ice, Pumba tries to leave by crossing it, which is why they keep him inside during this season. However, during summer, he is allowed to be outdoors until autumn when he is brought indoors. When members of the public spot Pumba, funny looks are not uncommon, and while some people are excited to see him, others are scared and wonder if he’s dangerous. But, according to his owner, Pumba is a gentle giant.

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